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It’s that time of the week again where the nurseries compete to be the winners of the Tuff Tray Challenge! This week, Winklebury chose a frozen themed tray, Highdown have showcased seasons based around our national day ‘Alaska day!’ Worthings tuff tray was filled of…
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Hooray its Friday!

To end another week of fun ams laughter it started with BINGO day. The children got very enthusiastic and got very excited and called out bingo, whilst playing different bingo games from elmer to incorporating phonics. Next it went abit cold and we took a…
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It’s Friday

Well what an incredible week it has been for all us of us. We had a great day doing some Yoga positions. the children joined in and told us what position was their favourite. Then on Wednesday was Apple strudel day, so many apples and…
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Celebrating our Queen!! 👸🏼

Today across our nurseries we have all been celebrating the Queens platinum jubilee with all of our fantastic children and families. We have enjoyed a wide range of activities such as getting very messy with crown making 👑, creating our own queen accessories out of…
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Happy Friday!!!! 🥳

Today was turtle  day and in messy room we enjoyed painting  turtles  using different colours  and lots of green .Also in messy they enjoyed playing in the textures water  they told there grown ups  what the textures felt like. Also in the water there were sea  creatures  the children talking about each creature together.We…
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