September’s book of the month


This is a story which tells us how the Leopard got his spots and how the leopard was a jealous of his friends like giraffe and zebra. The story takes use on an adventure through Africa where leopard asked his friends for help to find his spots.

Let’s use our imagination and get messy!!!

Can we create our very own leopard and decorate them by using lots of different resources which you might already have at home in your arts and crafts cupboard. If you give the children the template of a leopard then let them look at the book to see what a leopard looks like. Then using there own imagination they can create the most amazing spotty leopard.

Do you know your safari animals?

Can you tell me what animals live in Africa where you might find a leopard hiding or looking for his spots. Can you make the animal noises and walk like the animal?

Can you make an animal mask?

Let’s get creative and make your favourite animal mask, you will need some card, string, paint or crayons. or use any materials you have a home to decorate the animals face. Once it has dried and ready to wear you can use it to turn yourself into the animal and let your imagination run wild.

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