Tuff Tray Challenge!


This week we have had the battle of the words of a scrabble inspired tray from highdown to jumping in muddy puddles in Worthing with their Peppa pig tray! Winklebury’s tuff tray was celebrating Ramadan exploring the different parts of the festival such as fasting and how Its a time for reflections. Highdown’s tuff tray explored different phonics and how to blend words together! Worthing’s tuff tray explored a Peppa pig tray and the big muddy puddle in the garden!!


INTENT – This week tuff tray focused on Ramadan. The children spent time on their collage of the moon and star.The children were given choice what colour tissue they were going to use for their collage. Ramadan will raise an awareness as children have different festivals. Ramadan will help children to support other communities. This teaches children about fasting. Ramadan is a time for reflection, generosity and acts of charity and kindness. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Some of the children enjoyed trying the dates. Children enjoyed creating their own collage. 

IMPLEMENT – The children enjoyed making the collage. The children engaged really well in the tuff tray. The children communicated to each other what colour tissue they were going to use. The children used tissues papers and glue for the collage. The tuff tray were suitable for all ages. The resources were easy to use and easily accessible.

IMPACT – The children enjoyed getting to expand their understanding the world with the Ramadan theme. Ramadan will raise an awareness. Ramadan will educate children to learn about Muslim’s festival. Children will learn about something new.


ITENT – My intent for our sensory tuff tray this week was to help all the children explore all different textures and use their 5 senses. I wanted the children to explore their different senses by using their hands to play with the different textures in the tray. I also wanted them to explore the different Peppa pig books, looking at all the different pictures and share their favourite characters from Peppa pig. They all expanded their vocabulary by learning new words relating to what was in the tuff tray and the different book’s.

IMPLEMENT – For my tuff tray I coloured rice different colours to match the colours of Peppa pig (pink, red, black and white). I poured the rice into the tuff tray making the shape of Peppa. I then coloured oats green to make the hill Peppa lives on in the corner of the tray. I then used blue tissue paper in the top of the tray to make the sunny sky and used cotton wool to make the fluffy clouds. I then crushed up some golden nuggets cereal to make the warm sun in the right hand corner. I placed three small Peppa pig books around the tuff tray and covered the background in purple glitter. 

IMPACT- The children loved coming to explore our sensory tuff tray. The children were very excited to play with the huge peppa and they all gasped when they saw the tuff tray. Some of the children went straight to play with the rice peppa pig and the sludgy oat hill and used sounds like “ooo” and “ewww” whilst they used their fingers to playing around with them. The rest of the children went straight to the peppa pig books and looked through all the pictures using words like “peppa” and “daddy pig”. The children also used questions to work out what some of the textures were. For example, one child said “what is this?” Whilst holding a cloud made of cotton wool.


INTENT – My idea for this tray was based around the national day ‘scrabble day’. I wanted the children to practice there letters, phonics and pronunciations whilst adding an element of fun by turning it into a scooping game.

IMPLEMENT- For this tray I used a bowl filled with colourful sprinkles to hide the letters of the alphabet, tweezers and scoopers to give the children the choice to choose which one to use and colourful bowls for the children to store the letters which they find.

IMPACT – The children were so excited to play this game, the colourful objects grabbed their attention also the letters which is a big interest at the moment. The children took some time scooping out the letters and then were able to talk about the letters they found. One child created “bag” with their letters.


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