Category: EYFS activities


Woohoo it’s Friday! 🌞

Today the toddlers 👫and babies 👶we have been up to lots of fun! ✨We have enjoyed exploring different activities such as colour reveal cards using lollipop sticks 🍭to make marks on them. We have also been making our own sand pictures today using glue and…
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Happy Easter!!🐰

Happy Monday,Hope you have had a great day,Today is Easter  hat  day and the children have enjoyed colouring  in some different Easter  pictures to put on top of their hats.They used different colour pencils  and then stuck them on to hats .Then we enjoyed some one on one time doing our…
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It’s Friday! ✨

Today in babies 👶 we have had a wonderful day! We liked getting messy in a painting 🎨 activity, making rainbows 🌈 with paper plates and paint. We also liked using our fingers to make finger prints on the foil. The babies 👶 have spent…
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