We are getting ready for our next adventure!!!


Over the past two weeks, our school leavers have been practising their independent skills by self-serving and pouring their own food and drinks. This has helped them gain stronger muscles and control when being able to serve their own food. The preschoolers have really enjoyed serving their own food and drinks as they are able to decide how much food they would like:)

This week the children have been practicing correctly and safely using a knife and fork at meal time :fork_and_knife:
The children first talked about knife safety and the importance of these whilst handling knife’s! :hocho_knife: Then they practiced their cutting skills on some play dough during group time, making sure to cut down the lines to separate it in half! During lunch times, our school leavers were confident in using the knife and fork, and were able to chop the foods and feed themselves to eat it all up! :shallow_pan_of_food:

At MonkeyMoos we have been practicing school readiness activities. This is to help the children gain independence in preparation for primary school in September. This activity was based on learning cutting skills for meal times. We used play dough to shape into different “real life” foods for the children to practice on their plates with their knives and forks. Our MonkeyMooers did amazing at this activity as using knives and forks is something we practice at Monkeymoos on a regular basis at meal times. (edited) 

To get ready for big school 🏫 the preschoolers have been independently dishing up their own lunches 🍽🍜 at lunch time, they have been using the big serving spoons 🥄 to scoop up how much we would like to eat😋 we had lots of fun concentrating to make sure all of the food🥗 got on to the plate🍽, we especially enjoyed being independent and choosing what we would like to eat 😃

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