Book of the month- 5 minutes peace.


The book of the month for April is 5 minutes peace, from the well-known author Jill Murphy. This is a great way to enjoy story time with your special little ones to enjoy listening to a story and talking about all the illustrations that they can see from favourite activities the elephants are getting up to, to their favourite foods they get to eat and spending lots of time with their Mummy, which shows lots of affection and happiness towards her. Whilst reading the story it can develop your little ones minds in many ways which is a great learning experience for everyone.

You can take a walk to your local library where you can borrow the book or have fun reading the story within the library on a day out. You can also by the story from Ebay for £2.89 which the children can go back to and look at the story whenever the please.

Breakfast party:

What better way then kick starting with a tasty yummy breakfast. You can sit and read the story and once the story has finished, make a list of all the yummy things they get to eat, with this it will be a good recall and listening challenging for the children to see what they remember from the story. Afterwards go to the shop with spending time with the Mummy and buy all the food on your written list and then enjoy the taste test at home, debating what food is the best and what’s not so good. Throughout this activity is can build the communication between each other, sharing ideas and gaining skills with forming letters.

Bubble splash time:

How much fun can you get up to with a bowl of water, and bubble foam. Everyone loves bubbles, and water play so putting them together will be a good activity to build the children’s confidence with motor skills by pouring the foam into the water. Adding a maths skill by counting each bubble that is made, even if it’s a number at a time, with this is can be extend with making more bubbles and excitement that has happened during the activity. Another skills that can be added is talking and estimating about sinking and floating, go on a hunt around the room and find any items that can go in the bath bubble time and have a guess to see if it will sink or float before putting it into practice.

Pjs or newspaper crafts:

Arts and crafts can help with skills from exploring different materials, using one handed tools and showing achievement in their work. Allowing children to decide which activity they want to do instead of having only one to choose is a good way for them to express their ideas and giving them the option to choose which materials they want to add on to their pictures to create their designs, this will show independence in their work and showing achievement as they have made it all by themselves.

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