What adventures have we got up to this week?


This week the children have enjoyed doing the last few activities to celebrate the country and book of the month before we move into June.

We have loved getting messy when we painted our hands to make the Spanish flag, we have enjoyed making lots of different spells and potions to see what happens when we use them and making our very own wands and broom sticks. We also have been looking at the way we could travel on holiday and the babies choose a boat and went rowing!!!!

We have also enjoyed exploring and planting lots of fun and exciting seeds for gardening day. We looked in to what and how we grow different things and enjoyed getting a little messy with the soil when digging holes for the seeds to go into.

We have had a Fun packed day Filled with activities!!!!

Today the babies 👶 have had such a fun 🤩 day! 

We started off the day going on a very exciting 😁 boat 🚤 ride! We took it in turns to board the boat 🛥 and took hold off the paddle. We then pretended we where sailing ⛵️along the water 💧 whilst singing ‘Row Row Row your boat’. 

We then went onto building our fine motor skills by picking up blocks 🧱and placing them one by one on top of each other to create a tall tower! 🗼We also found it very funny 😅when knocking the towers🗼 down. Soon after we went onto exploring nursery rhymes and loved singing 🎵🎶and dancing 💃 along and creating music 🎼 with the different musical instruments 🥁 🙂

Today in toddlers we have had a tremendous Thursday !!!!!!

In the creative room we have been so busy using our hands 🙌🏼 and our fine motor skills to explore the play dough 👀station with red 🔴 and yellow 🟡 play dough just like the Spanish flag 🇪🇸 colours. We did lots of stretching with our hands 🙌🏼 , patted the play dough to make it nice and flat before placing lots of different cutters and rolling it so it became sooo long. 

In the role play room we have been so independent looking at books 📚 and also doing such amazing singing 🎶 with Our teachers at group time .

We have a fun packed day in Preschool filled with lots of activities.

We have used our fine motor skills 🙌🏼 to take part in a mark making ❌activity with oats. We used our fine motor skills 🙌🏼 to hold lolly pop sticks to make marks ❌and our fingers👆 to make marks❌. We then searched 👀the tray for the different numbers 🔢and we counted the numbers 🔢. 

We had so much fun🤩 Taking part in the ice❄️ smash 🔨 tray. We used our fine motor skills 🙌🏼 to hold the different tools🔨 that we could find in the tray. We really enjoyed smashing up all the different shapes of ice❄️. 

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