We are getting ready for school!!!


This week we have been practicing putting on and taking off our shoes independently, using a wide range of fun activities to help us to be able to complete this goal.

We are all very excited about starting our new adventure moving onto big school and are all trying really hard to be able to achieve and grow in confidence to build our independence.

Recently the preschoolers 🏫have been working on their independence and getting ready for school by practicing putting their shoes 👞 on all by their selves without an adults 👩 support. We have been working together to help each other make sure our shoes 👟 are on the right feet 🦶 and giving ourselves lots of time 🕝to put our shoes 👟 on correctly. We’ve enjoyed showing caitlin and Yas how far we have come 🏆👏

School readiness!
The children have been practising their skills with taking off and putting on their shoes this week! :athletic_shoe:
All the children were tested with different types of shoes, we had crocs, shoes with straps and shoes with laces!
To make this fun and exciting, we had a speedy race! Who could take their shoes off and put them on the quickest? Let’s find out! :alarm_clock:
The children raced to take off their shoes, using their hands to pull the back of their shoes off. Then racing to put them back on! Some children decided standing up would be easiest, whilst others felt most confident sitting down on the floor!
The school leavers were then rewarded with a sticker for successfully completing the challenge! :tada:

This week the children have really enjoyed practising and showing off how well they can take their shoes off and putting their shoes on independently. They really enjoyed watching each other put their shoes on as all of their shoes are different. Once they practised, they really enjoyed having a race to see who can put their shoes on the quickest:)

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