Its Friday! Lets take a look back at the week.


This week the children have expanded their learning in creative ways. They had inspire your heart with art which allowed them to use their artistic skills to create master pieces. This was then followed by Chinese new year where the children learned about the culture and took part in sensory play. To finish the children learned about wetland day where they explore different animals and there habitats.

Inspire your heart day 💖

In babies 👶 we have been decorating invitations for the queens 👸 jubilee for our parents. We used glue and tissue paper as well as lots of different colour paints 🎨🔴🟠🟣🔵🟢. The babies 👶 enjoyed exploring the garden 🌿 it was sunny ☀️ but also very chilly 🥶. We made sure we had our hats 🧢 and coats 🧥 on too. We liked crawling through the tunnel and walking over the bridge.

The toddlers have been inspiring our hearts with art!💜💖❤️🎨 We challenged our creativeness ✨and imagination ✨by decorating some hearts with different materials! 💖We used different coloured paints 🟢🟡🔴and sponges, glue and silver glitter✨ and practiced our cutting skills with scissors✂️ and some ribbon!

We have also been very busy in the garden today🪴🪵We have been playing in the sand and water 💦trays, using different containers to mix them together and see what happens to the sand! 🧐🤩We have also been playing a hoop throwing game to try and throw the little hoops into the big hula hoops!

On top of this we have been building towers🏗️ with the stickle bricks and making a car ramp🚙🏎️ out of the building blocks.

In preschool 👫 we have been expanding our numeracy, being creative, encouraging each other, doing a little sight seeing with in the nursery and so much more. 🎨🖌️🥳

We started off with our 🚀 ⛽ Before our activities based on the multiple rooms To create a free flow experience for them. First off we did a “Road Safety” activity where the 👦 👧 began to learn about various road signs, how we drive on the roads 🚗, what can make them dangerous ⚠️ and what we can do when 🚶🏻‍♀️ along them. This proved to be a success and effort was shown from all children.

We then came to sit down and give ourselves a little rest by doing some number skills and counting all the way to 1️⃣5️⃣! With a combination of using our hands and having our peers encouraging us it became a fun environment. 🎉👫🌳

Happy Chinese New Year!
It’s the year of the Tiger🐯!

The children have celebrated Chinese New Year 🧧 in many ways today.
They used their artistic skills to create a rawrring tiger 🐯, they used glue, scissors ✂️, and their finger skills to fold the paper, at the end they stuck two lollipop sticks together!

Spin, jump, twirl and hop went the children to the Chinese music. 🎵 They held hands 🙌 with their friends and spun around in circles, whilst others were creating their own imaginative dance moves. 🕺

Throughout the day the children have been showing an interest in Chinese numbers and have been having a go at copying some numbers on their own.✍️

We loved looking at and exploring the different animals found in the wetlands 🦡🦆 As an activity we coloured in what we thought the animals look like.🦆🖌️

In babies we enjoyed exploring what a wetland 💦🏔️ we enjoyed moving the water around with our hands, using the Dinosaurs 🦖 to explore the wetlands and using equipment to move water 💧

In preschool we loved saying what we knew about wetlands coming up with wet 🌊 and cold 🥶 we also enjoyed playing with Moon sand, 🌕🏝️ the children loved mashing the sand between their fingers, moulding it into shapes and playing with it 😀

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