Happy Friday!


This week we have been extremely busy! We have splashed in lots of muddy puddles with our friends and explored pharmacist day but mixing lots of potions together and practising our measuring skills! To top off our week, we have had rubber ducky day! We have made them nests and waddled like a duck! What a top week!

Splish, splash, splosh!:sweat_drops::droplet::umbrella_with_rain_drops:
Today has been every bodies favourite day, jumping in puddles! What better way to jump into the middle of the week than ‘step in a puddle and splash a friend day!’ We all put on wellies and coats to be wrapped up warm. We then raced to see which puddles we could see. We jumped in with all our friends, holding hands as we sang ring a ring a roses. :sweat_drops::umbrella_with_rain_drops::two_women_holding_hands:
We then splashed our way over to the water wall were we used the pump and jugs to fill up to create our own puddles to jump in. This was great fun as we got to make them as big or as little as we wanted. :arrow_up::arrow_down:
Hook a duck was a hit today! We looked at what animals have fun in the water as well as big puddles. We used a rod to hook around the duck and placed it safely onto the grass. We then had a look underneath to see what number was hiding to represent what the prize would be……CANDYCANES were the great prize. :lollipop::duck::droplet:
Babies also been a big interest, as there has been new babies arriving and some of us have turned into big brothers and sisters. This was a great way to talk about what we can do when babies are sad. We have practiced putting on the baby clothes as well as feeding them some milk and of course giving them the best hugs ever! :hugging_face::baby_bottle::socks:

Today the babies 👶have had such a great day, doing lots of different activities. 😊This morning to celebrate Pharmacist day🧑‍⚕️, the babies coloured in a pharmacy sign ➕using a range of different green 🟢materials. The babies mostly used chalk and crayons 🖍 to make lots of marks. 〰➿This helped develop their gross motor skills. 💪

Later the babies explored in a tray which was full coloured rice 🔵🟣💗🍚 , bowls 🥣and spoons. 🥄Using the spoons the babies scooped 🥄up the rice and poured it into the bowls. 🥣This really helped with their gross motor skills 💪and their hand ✋eye 👀coordination. The babies also felt the texture of the rice using their hands ✋ and fingers. 👆They picked up a handful of rice and then let it fall back into the tray. 

The babies have also been playing in a tray full of gloop and different coloured paint 🎨. Using spoons 🥄the babies mixed 🔄the paint 🎨in with the gloop and mixing the paint together making all sorts of different colours. 🟣🟡🟠🔵

The babies have had a great day!!🤩👍🏻

Today in toddlers 👫we have been enjoying national pharmacy 🏥👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️day! Today we have had an exciting time making our own medicines to make us better! 🤒🥰We used measuring cups, spoons 🥄and funnels to measure 📏how much medicine we needed! Using water 💦and glitter ✨we created different flavoured medicine in the medicine bottles!

We then practiced our first aid 🩺⛑skills to perform first aid on our friends🫶 to make them feel better! 🤕🥴😁We used wipes to clean them and bandages to wrap them up!🚑

Following this we then explored the story📚 of Funnybones the skeleton! 💀We explored different body parts by looking at them through x-ray’s! 🩻We then tried to match the body parts to put the skeleton together! ☠️

Wow what a day!!! 

We had a fun 🤩 packed day exploring and celebrating 🥳 pharmacist 🧑‍⚕️ day. 

We looked at what a pharmacist 🧑‍⚕️ does and how they make special medicine to make people feel better.

We then went on to join in with all our friends with a science 🧬 experiment 🧫 with trying to make our very magic medicine. We used lots water 💦 and vinegar to see what would happen when we added bicarbonate of soda. We took turns in weighing out all the correct ingredients and watched with anticipation. 

We all laughed 🤣 and got very excited 🤗 when it exploded!!!! 

Once we had made our medicine 🧑‍⚕️ we moved on to making our labels 🏷 so everyone knows what medicine was inside. We used our best writing ✍️ skills.

We went into our role play room which we had turned into Chemist shop. We enjoyed taking turns in mixing and getting the medicine ready and then selling it to our friends to make them feel better. 

This afternoon we all got very messy when making our own telescopes 🔭 to help us look 👀 into space and see what is up there.

Today is ”Rubber Ducky Day” :boy::girl::duck:
In our sensory tuff tray the children enjoyed a duck themed tray. The theme was 5 little ducks song. The children took it in turns to hold a duck and singing the song. :boy::girl::notes::duck:
Some of the preschoolers went over to the field before lunch and enjoyed some physical activities. :boy::girl::man-running::woman-running:
In the construction area the children enjoyed building with the wooden blocks. They sat with a grown up and enjoyed building together. :boy::girl::woman::bricks:
In the maths area the children also enjoyed putting rubber ducks in to size order small, medium and large. They did this activity really well and focused. :boy::girl::duck:
In babies they had lots of fun crawling through coloured string on the climbing frame. They had so much fun. :baby:
They also enjoyed playing with the musicalinstruments and singing nursery rhymes. :baby::woman::notes::drum_with_drumsticks:

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