This week MonkeyMoo’s have had lots of fun exploring and celebrating our amazing national days. we started off with sock day where we looked and create lots of crazy socks and read some funny stories about socks. Then we moved to the other side of the world and celebrated Australia Day where we enjoyed looking at some aboriginal patterns and made some beautiful Australian animals. We all joined in with Christmas jumper day and loved seeing all the different jumpers. we finished off the week with making and creating our very own Christmas cards for our families and love ones.

The babies 👶 have had lots of fun celebrating 🥳 sock 🧦 day today! 

We found the washing line that was set up in the room which had 5 socks 🧦 hanging on pegs from it. They used their fingers to point to the socks 🧦 as they started to count them with Alice, “1,2,3,4,5” they said. 

They then came to the table, to do some creative work, something for our mummies and daddies that were keeping a secret 🤫. They used coloured 🔴🔵🟢 paints to dab onto their paper 📄. 

They then enjoyed being pizza 🍕 makers as they used the rolling pins to roll the play dough out flat to make pizzas 🍕.

Today in toddlers we had so much fun playing with a crazy sock 🧦 activity for crazy sock 🧦 day. We had to make the big red stocking 🧦 have as many pocca dots on as we could put on it, for the pocca dots we used different coloured Pom Poms. 

After making our stocking super pretty we went to be Santa’s 🎅🏼little helpers and decorate the tree 🎄in the role play room. We all picked our own ball ball and started hanging them on the tree 🎄 as high as we could by standing on our tiptoes and stretching our arms all the way above our heads. 

We had so much fun 🤩 playing with the stocking made from rice and helping Santa 🎅🏼 spread Christmas joy with decorating the Christmas tree 🎄.

Today in Preschool we have had a fun 🤩 day. We have decorated our very own funky looking socks 🧦 that had different patterns on them. We used lots of fun different coloured paints🎨 and then painted 🖌our socks 🧦 lots of different colours. 

We have been decorating our very own snowflake ❄️ tuff tray. We used different coloured 🎨 Christmas sprinkles ✨and different coloured pieces of tinsel to decorate our snow flake ❄️. The snow flake ❄️looked bright⭐️ and colourful.

We have been using our shopping list to find the items we need in the supermarket🏪. We spent lots of time playing the game and looking for all the different items on our list to fill up our trolleys 🛒 full of food 🍲.

Australia Day! 🇦🇺

Today we have been learning about Australia. We started of exploring the messy tray which was filled with all the colours which represent the Australia flag colours which are blue, red and white with stars! We explored the range of tools and names the colours we could see. We then had the idea of finding more colours around the room by adding them to the tray.🔴🔵⚪️

We then made Australia jungle hats! We picked the colour hat we wanted and folded it together and added some tape to make it stick. We then hold punched around it to add the string to dangle down. The finishing touch was rainbow cotton wheels. 👒🇦🇺📍

The hats were a great idea for the party we had to celebrate our friends Archers 3rd birthday! We all sang happy birthday very loud and gave him a big round of applause as he blew out his candle. We then enjoyed some yummy dinosaur cake and then had a big dance party with balloons and colourful ribbons. 🍰3️⃣🎉

We have been outside in the fresh air making some yummy pizza pasta in the kitchen. We had to be careful as it was very hot. Whilst this was going on some of us played a game of catch and made it snow with leaves! 🍁🍕⚽️

Today is Christmas jumper day and the children have enjoyed wearing their Christmas jumpers. There were lots of different themed ones. :girl::boy::santa::christmas_tree:

In the maths area the children enjoyed playing a game with the Elf tic tac toe. They had lots of fun and followed their grown ups instructions really well. :boy::girl::woman::male_elf::1234:

As today is Christmas jumper day we had a design your own Christmas jumper activity. The children used lots of glitter, pens, crayons and lots of different resources. :lower_left_crayon::lower_left_ballpoint_pen::sparkles::santa::christmas_tree:

The children also enjoyed making different christmas shapes out of play dough. They made triangles to be Christmas trees and squares for presents. :girl::boy::small_red_triangle::gift::christmas_tree::santa:

In our sensory themed tuff tray we had a Christmas pudding. The textures were different cereals all crunched up and then put in to a shaped Christmas pudding. The children loved exploring the textures. :boy::girl::raised_back_of_hand::santa::christmas_tree:

Today in babies they have had a lovely day. They spent time playing with each other being very happy.

They enjoyed taking part in wearing their Christmas jumpers.

They enjoyed having some time playing on their slide equipment, just look how much fun they are having. :baby::christmas_tree::santa::eyes:

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