The Magical Toybox


This months book of the month is all about The Magical Toybox. We will read the book to the children and talk about if they have magical toy boxes at their homes.

In the babies room we will look at doing activities of hide and seek with teddies and with the babies. This will work on their waiting skills and get the babies up and moving. It also gives the babies the support to work on their interactive skills.

In the toddlers we will enjoy making our own magical toy boxes using different junk modelling resources. this will help with their imagination skills, helping to come up with ideas for themselves and being creative with their grown ups support.

At meal times we will ask the preschoolers to help wash up their own dishes after they have eaten. They will be given a bowl with water and a tea towel. This will help them to understand independent skills and understanding that if we make a mess we have to clean our mess up.

We are also going to do a teddy bears disco as they do in the book. We will do this with all ages group children. We will ask the children to bring in a teddy for our disco.

We all hope you enjoy reading this lovely book.

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