Children in need.


This week at Winklebury we have been doing different activities. On Monday we did ‘Super Hero and Princess Day.’ The children did well to come dressed up to nursery. On Tuesday we did a sponsored walk day and the children did so well to come out in the rain and do some walking. On Wednesday it was cake sale day. Children brought in cakes for us to sell and some parents did well to make cakes. On Thursday It was dress spotty day and the children did well to take part and dress spotty. To end the week on Friday we did mad hair day. This was amazing so many different hair styles which were impressive.

The whole point of this was to raise money for Children in need which we did so well with. At MonkeyMoos Winklebury we raised a whooping £1,100.

At MonkeyMoos high downs they did well to make awareness of Children in need. On Thursday they wore their pyjamas and did lots of fun messy activities. They had chocolate coins, crunched up cornflakes, coloured rice and so much more. On Friday they had a day of different activity that were based around children in need. Lots of Pudsey’s everywhere.

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