Happy Friday!


To kick this week off we had ‘I love to write’ day! We made letters to people who are special to us and explored lots of different ways to write! We then had button day where we explored different patterns and how we can print with them! We have also celebrated children in need this week with lots of lovely activities! We gave pudsy back his spots, gave his eye patch a make over and lots lots more!

I love to write Tuesday! :memo:
Today we have been exploring lots of ways on how we write. To start with we made beautiful letters to people who are special to us. We copied words such as love, special, mummy, daddy and From, we then copied the letters onto our pictures. Some of the preschoolers were able to sound out the letters as they formed each one. :pencil2::heart:
Next we moved to the art tray which had lots of different tools of shapes and sizes for us to explore. We had the options from pens, pencils, paint, crayons, and sequins to see what we enjoyed writing the best. :lower_left_crayon::lower_left_paintbrush::black_nib:
We all enjoy using role play in our day at MonkeyMoos so we decided to use the tuff tray as a shop! We all took it in turns to see which food items we saw and then looked at which shopping list it went with. Afterwards we got pens and made our own shopping list by copying some familiar words and letters. To finish we had to work out how much it was all going to cost, we used the pennies to count and see how much it added up to.:memo::abc::moneybag:
Throughout the day we have shown an interest in singing and dancing. We have danced in big groups to the Hokey Cokey and the music man, as well as singing in smaller groups and have been singing wheels on the bus and row row your boat. :man_dancing::musical_score:

Happy Wednesday!! Today is national button day , the children :girl::boy::baby: have taken part in some exciting activities which involved the use of buttons and the different ways we can Use them . In the messy room , the children used buttons to print with using eatable paint :art: we placed the buttons into the paint :art: then placed them onto our paper to create our very own buttons! In the tuff tray the children :girl::boy::baby: practiced their fine motor skills :raised_back_of_hand: by threading :thread: their buttons through pipe cleaners . The children :girl::boy::baby: concentrated :face_with_raised_eyebrow: really hard to thread :thread: the pip cleaners through the buttons . In the literacy area :writing_hand: some children :girl::boy: made some amazing :star-struck: colourful :rainbow: children in need posters . Some children were curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow: to know why Pudsey wore a bandage :face_with_head_bandage: on his eye? from one child “obviously he’s a pirate :pirate_flag: “ another child explained that he is poorly :face_with_thermometer: this sparked a great conversation about why we raise money :moneybag: for children who need more help then ourselves :heart_hands:In the imagination :thought_balloon: area some children decided to bake their own cakes :cake: and sell them to their friends to help raise money :moneybag: for those children :boy::baby::girl: who may be in need :blush: this showed that the children have concern and care for others in the world around them :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: In the baby :baby: the children helped the grown ups do the washing :shirt::jeans::womans_clothes: the babies :baby: helped press the buttons to turn the washing machine on . The babies :baby: enjoyed listening :ear: to the different sounds the machine made as it went round and round :smile:

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Today in babies 👶 we have had a lovely and cosy day celebrating 🥳 Children In Need! 

We have loved 🥰 doing some finger painting 🖼 using different coloured 🔴🟡🟢🔵 paint 🎨 to make marks on our Pudsey templates. We dipped our fingers into the paint 🎨 and started to print them down onto the bear 🐻 with some support from our practitioners. 

We have also been pretending to cook 👩‍🍳 lunch 🥙 for our friends in the role play kitchen, yum yum 😋. We also liked pouring cups of tea ☕️ for our practitioners using the teapot 🫖 and little cups. 

We have also been building small and big rockets 🚀 with the duplo blocks. We used our hands to build the single blocks up ⬆️ together before moving them around in the air.

Today in toddlers we have had a fun packed children in need day. We have been using our fine motor skills to hold crayons 🖍 to complete our dot to dots to create a lovely Pudsey picture.

We have been making pudsey masks 🎭. We had a pudsey picture and we decorated it using glue, pom-poms and sequins to make it look very funky. 

We also got involved in getting very messy and giving pudsey his bright colourful spots back in our tuff tray. We confidently used sponges 🧽 to squeeze the paint 🎨 on some yellow pasta.

Today in Preschool we have celebrated 🥳 Children in need🐻, we have made play dough together as a group, we have learnt about the ingredients needed and done some good mixing, squeezing and patting. Once we made the play dough we chose resources of colour 🟪to add to our pudsey themed tray. The children used the templates as an idea for their play. We added spots (buttons and small loose parts) and talked about pudsey. Some of the children added role play and chose to bake some cakes with the play dough.The children had so much fun using their imagination 💭 to make their very own cupcakes🧁out of the play dough.

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