It’s another fabulous Friday!


To start this week we have been learning about all things china! We have explore China foods by tasting them and role playing with them. Next we had a tasty day which was vanilla cupcake day, where we got to decorate cakes and explore the ingredients that turns them into a cake. To finish the week we remembered all our hero’s for Remembrance Day by writing down our own hero’s and exploring poppies.

In babies 👶 we have been celebrating 🥳 around the world 🌍 china 🇨🇳 day! We have enjoyed playing in a tray of noodles 🍜 using different spoons 🥄, bowls and cups to pick it up with. We used our hands 🙌 to feel the sticky texture, our nose 👃 to smell what it smelt like and our mouths 👄 to taste 👅 it, it was delicious 😋. Later on the babies 👶 took it in turns to decorate a biscuit 🍪 into a ‘melted snowman’ ☃️ Then babies 👶 picked up a spoon 🥄 with some icing 🧁 on it and held it over the biscuit 🍪, they then used their pincher grasp to pick up a marshmallow sticking it on to the icing on the biscuit 🍪. Next they pinched 🤏 some sprinkles up out of a bowl 🥣 and sprinkled it onto the biscuit 🍪, TADA 🎉. This afternoon we then had fun 🤩 exploring a mixed fruit 🫐 water 💦 tray. The babies 👶 used their hands 🙌 to feel the berries 🫐🍓 and the water 💦. They watched as the water 💦 changed to a different colour. They used jugs to pour the water 💦 into the tray.
It’s around the world China 🇨🇳day! In toddlers 👫we have been learning all about China and the things that we can find there! 🧐We started off our morning by building 🚧🛠️our very own Great Wall of China out of duplo blocks! 🧱We carefully looked at the instructions and built it across the table!We then ventured into our creative✨ room to learn all about Chinese culture! 🇨🇳We had lots of fun doing a maths 🎲activity which involved sorting Pompoms using chopsticks! 🥢We used our fine motor skills to open 🫳and close🤏the chop sticks to pick up the Pompoms! 🟣🟢🟡🔴We then used them to transfer the pompoms into the bowls to count them! 🥡🥢Following this we then explored a tuff tray filled with a sensory rice 🍚Chinese flag🇨🇳 and photos 📷of different things from China! We used Chinese 🥡Bowls, plates 🍽️and cups to sort and mix the rice and then looked at photos of Chinese food and different landmarks in China!🛖🏯⛩️
Tin preschool we have had a productive day in construction using instructions 📖 to build a vehicle🏎️. As a group we took turns selecting the objects and ⚒️ 🛠️ tools required from the instruction leaflet 📖 and used the tools to fix the parts together. Once we built the vehicle we test ran it down a slope 🛣️ which wasn’t wide enough so we created a wider wooden slope. The vehicle was fast and very exciting to watch what was an almost whole group 👩‍👧‍👦 built together. We have celebrated China 🇨🇳 day with a celebrations book containing Chinese 🧧images and information. Alongside this we had Chinese spiced play dough and noodles in our construction.Following on from yesterdays interest the children have continued enjoying pegging in our creative room, this time excited at selecting numbers🔢 using the pegs hidden beneath the pasta. The children were challenged to not use their hands and find ways to pick up the numbers using only their peg, one child found pushing the pasta to the side enabled a section to be gripped on to.

It has been National Vanilla cupcake 🧁 day and the children 👦👧 have enjoyed joining in with the activities.
In the messy room the children 👧👦 enjoyed drawing to make patterns on to the cup cakes 🧁 that were drawn on the chalk board.
At the table with a grown up they enjoyed cutting ✂️ out different colour paper to make there own cupcakes 🧁. They enjoyed using scissors ✂️ and this helped them with the hand ✋ eye 👁️ co ordination.
In the try was made up cupcakes 🧁 using dough. The children 👧👦 enjoyed moulding and using different stencils to make cupcake 🧁 shapes.
In the garden 🪴 during preschool group time we spoke about our golden rules. The children did well to listen and understand them.
We also enjoyed looking at books 📚 with our friends 👧👦 and speaking about what we can see.
In babies 👶 we had so much fun playing in our sensory themed cupcakes 🧁. The babies 👶 enjoyed all the textures.

We have been marking Remembrance Day.

We started of by talking about hero’s and who our own hero’s were. Once we spoke about who they were we wrote them down
on a post it note and added them to the soldiers. Whilst this was going on some of us coloured in medals all bright and
colourful to represent them being brave. 🎨 🌹🗯

Afterwards we practiced our threading skills. We used scissors to poke holes in the poppies and then used coloured
ribbon to thread in and out each poppy. ✂️🪡🧵

As we had fun with this arts and crafts activity we continued our excitement by creating poppies out of potatoes and
using red and black paint. We used the brushes to colour in the potatoes and then stomped them onto the paper to create
a field of poppies. As we noticed our hands getting messy we decided to extend our painting skills and started to paint
our hands and also turn them into poppies. 👐🖌🥔

In the afternoon we had a tasty treat with turning a plain biscuit and with a sprinkle of magic it turned into a poppy!
Using red icing sugar and of course a chocolate button was the great way to end a perfect Friday! 🍪🍫🥄

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