Happy friday!


Hello October! It’s the start of October and we have gotten into the autumnal spirit! This week we started of with a yummy taco tuesday! We explored our tuff trays and put together some yummy tacos! 🌮 After that we then had a funky day! We all dressed in some fabulous colours and had a fashion show! We then ended the week with mad hatter day!


Today in babies 👶 we have had a great 😌 day! 

We have enjoyed exploring a flower 🌺 printing and painting 🎨 activity. We used our hands 🙌 to pick out flowers 🌸 and dip them in green 🟢 paint 🎨 before pushing them down onto some paper 📄. The babies 👶 then liked copying their practitioners by pulling off the petals 🌸 and sticking them to the paint 🎨. Some of the babies 👶 enjoyed playing with the baby 👶 changing station. Putting nappies, baby grows and hats 🧢 on them as well as washing them with a sponge 🧽. The babies 👶 liked rocking their babies 👶 in their arms, some even saying “Sshh”. We have liked sitting 🪑 in our cosy corner, reading lots of stories 📖, pointing out the characters and saying their names “Peppa” 🐷 and “Baby” 👶. We have looked 👀 at our family book 📖 pointing out our family pictures.

We have had a brilliant day in toddlers today! 

We have loved role playing with our dolls house 🏡to reenact our real life experiences! ✨We took the small world people and animals to the park by driving them in their cars!🚙Once the people were at the park ⛳️they were spun on the roundabout and pushed down the slide! 🛝We then decided to put the people in bed 🛌once we had got home so that they could have a sleep!😴💤. Today we have also used our thinking 🧠hats to construct different sized houses for our dinosaurs! 🏘We worked together to lift and carry the large blocks to put them together for our house! 🚧We built tall houses for the big dinosaurs 🦖and tiny ones for the little ones🦕. We then headed out to the garden 🌳🍂 🐿 to explore our musical sides! We played a high and low game with the bells 🔔where we shook the bells up in the air and down on the floor! We then played 🎼tambourines, maracas and the drums 🥁whilst singing lots of different songs! 🎶.

Today in preschool we have a had a really good day. 

We explored autumn colours in our leaf 🍁 🍂🍃 tuff tray. The children a tray of leafs designs and leafs, we used the leafs as inspiration to draw our own leafs. 🍃Some children used the actual leaves to trace around to get the leaf shape. We then mixed paints 🎨together to make lots of autumnal colours like brown, orange and red. We mixed red and yellow paint 🎨 to make a deep orange colour. 🟠We then used paint brushes to colour in our leaf designs. Within our tray we found lots of other items from the garden, including pinecones. We also celebrated national “Get funky day!” today but dressing up in our funkiest clothes 👘🩲🩳🦺🧤and holding a fashion show!! The children tried independently dressing and undressing themselves in our fashions shows changing room. 👗We listened to music as we danced our way down the cat walk. The children took it in turns to be the audience and take their friends pictures, 📸whilst the other children owned the run way and showed off their talents but singing and dancing! 🎶🎤

What a fabulous day we have had at MonkeyMoos! The children have been celebrating ‘Get funky day!’ And ‘Mad hatters day!’
We explored a circus tuff tray full of marshmallows, juggling balls, a hula hoop and tickets for the children to get into the show spirit! Before getting funky to party music whilst wearing funky hats:womans_hat::ticket::circus_tent::balloon:
Today, the MonkeyMooers prepared to have a tea party with the mad hatter by filling up mugs with tea bags and making delicious cakes to display on a beautiful stand.:cupcake::coffee::teapot:

What a great day we have had. Today was mad hatters tea party :tada::balloon::confetti_ball::teapot: day and the children :girl::boy: have enjoyed joining in with our themed activities.
In the messy room the children :girl::boy: enjoyed playing with the tea :teapot: water :droplet: tray. There were tea :teapot: bags to change the water to look :eyes: like tea and the children :girl::boy: used cups and spoons :spoon: to scoop up the tea and pour in to the cups.
On the table the children :girl::boy: enjoyed making tea :teapot: bag paintings. They dipped the tea bags in to different colour paints :art: and printed on to paper.
In the tuff tray the children enjoyed our mad hatters :tophat: themed tray. The children enjoyed making cups of tea :teapot: and eating :yum: jam tarts.
In the maths :abacus: area the children :girl::boy:  did well to trace around different shapes :small_red_triangle::large_blue_diamond::large_purple_circle:, they listened to their grown ups and did really well.
At the phonics table the children :girl::boy: practised their writing :writing_hand: and sounds to the letter “S”.
In babies :baby: they have also had a fun filled day. They played with the musical :notes: instruments :drum_with_drumsticks: and sang lots of nursery rhymes.
Then they enjoyed playing with the sensory board, pressing and twisting all the different objects. It was so much fun.
We also enjoyed playing with the dolly‘s and giving them lots of cuddles :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:.

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