The book of the month is…. CRUNCH MUNCH DINOSAUR LUNCH!


Dinosaur swamp: Every child loves to use their imagination and what better way to use it then setting up a tray using a swamp theme to build imagination to retell a story and build friendships. Using a tray like this can help children learn in many ways by communication, maths, physical and expressive arts and design.

Dinosaur dancing: Who doesn’t like dancing, its a great way to get everyone moving to develop their physical movements and literacy skills by singing along. Dinosaurs by sticky kids allows the children to march and act out dinosaur moves. With this you could encourage they children to repeat familiar words from the story.

Which dinosaur is the tallest?: A great maths activity for all ages. Grab all the dinosaurs you can find and encourage them to put them in smallest to tallest or you could even switch it up by tallest to smallest.

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