Its Friday!😄


This week its the start of September and we have kicked it off with a bang! We started of with a yummy delicious treat of marshmallows for toasted marshmallow day were we pretended to have a bonfire and toast them. 🔥 After that we had to burn off all our energy by taking part in sports day. we had an egg and spoon race as well as running races. 🥄🥚 To finish we had an experiment of making compasses to see which direction we should go in.↕️↔️

Its a toasted marshmallow day!!!!!
Tin babies 👶 we’ve had a lovely day! We loved 🥰 spending time in the garden 🪴 playing on the slide 🛝, climbing 🧗‍♂️ the steps and sliding down on our bottoms. We liked splashing in the water 💦, pushing cars 🚗 around in some sand, building towers and rocking on the seesaw. At snack time, the babies 👶 had a mini hot chocolate to celebrate 🎉 toasted marshmallow day. The babies 👶 used their fingers to pinch 🤏 up marshmallows and place on top of their drinks.
Later on the babies 👶 used their fine motor skills to mark make with some crayons 🖍️ on a big piece of paper 📄. They liked moving the different coloured 🔴🟠🟢🔵 crayons 🖍️ over the paper, making a pretty picture.
We have been getting into toasted marshmallow day by having a campfire🏕️🪵🎇 in the garden to toast some marshmallows in the fire! 🔥We used cocktail sticks to stack the mini marshmallows 🍥together and hold them on the fire! As we did this we talked about fire safety 🧯and people who help us with fires! 🚒👩‍🚒🦺Once our marshmallows had toasted we of course had to give them a taste test…delicious!!!😋✨
We have also had lots of fun getting our growing gloves🧤on to do some gardening 👨‍🌾and pot some seeds! 🌱We used rakes and shovels to scoop the soil into our plant pots🏺and then put some seeds into the potting trays! 💐Following this we picked up our watering cans and watered all of the plant pots and putting trays! 🌺🌸🌼
On top of this we have been busy constructing in our construction area 🚧🔨🧱we used the crane’s conveyor belt to lift and carry the blocks so that we could build a house! We used our fine 🤏🫳motor skills to push 🙌🏼the blocks together to construct the house!🏚️🏡
Once we had done all of these fun activities we decided to take a break to relax 🧘☺️and read some stories together! Our favourite stories 📚of the day were Room on the broom 🧹🧙‍♀️🐸🐈‍⬛and A squash and a squeeze!👖🧦🧢🧣

The children have enjoyed playing with lots of fun activities. They loved the soil in the messy room. With the soil the children 👦👧 told us they were making volcanos 🌋. They scooped the soil with their hands 🖐️, patted it down and said “This is a huge volcano 🌋“.
In the small try they enjoyed the sensory textures and felt them with their hands 🤲. In the tray there were feathers , shredded paper 📄 and pipe cleaners. We spoke about the textures they could feel and colours they could see.
Also in the messy room the children 👦👧 enjoyed making flags. They used different colour sticks to hold to wave them and used lots of different colouring pencils ✏️ to decorate. Some said they were pitting stars ⭐️ on them others just wanted lots of colours 🟡🟢🟠.
In the construction 🏗️🦺🚧 area some of the children enjoyed making a obstacles courses using the long wooden blocks. They walked from one end to the other.
In toddlers 👦👧 for sports ⚽️🏃‍♂️🥇day they have been taking part in an egg 🥚 and spoon 🥄 race. The children 👦👧all worked really well together and cheered each other on!.
In babies 👶 they have also enjoyed a day at nursery. They had some fun playing with the telephone ☎️. We called ☎️ our mummy’s and daddy’s and practiced our numbers 🔢.
We also practiced our colours 🟢🟠🟡 using the abacus 🧮.
On the garden 🪴 we worked on our kicking 🦵 skills with a football ⚽️. We did really well using our foot 🦶 to kick 🦵 the balls ⚽️.

The children of Monkey Moos started the day off by playing a game of duck duck goose for school committee, where the children took the lead by taking it in turns of being the duck. 👦👧🦆

We then created our own cuckoo clocks that Hungry Moose bought in for us to decorate. The children used different art resources such as: crayons, pencils, tissue paper, Pom poms and glue. 🖍✏️

Our wonderful day was completed with a compass experiment, where the children were asked to see what materials floated and which ones sunk in the box of water. The materials used were: tissue paper, foam paper, corks, scissors and masking tape. ✂️💧

Special mention about our Monkey Mooer of the week: ZANDER for mastering toilet training and being more confident in using the toilet independently!🐒

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