Happy Friday!!


What a lovely week it has been!! This week we explored world water day! We spoke about the importance to keep hydrated and how to save water when we brush our teeth! We have also had lots fun exploring muddy puddles on a rainy day and pretending to be pirates! We have also been den making with our friends to build up team work for kindness day!

World water week!:droplet::earth_americas:
Today we have been learning about why we need to drink water. To encourage the children to drink lots of water to stay hydrated we had a water chart by the water station and every time we had a drink we ticked it off and Once it was full we was rewarded with a sticker!:sweat_drops:
We have also been learning about animals that live in the water by have a a water the tray full of different animals. We had lots of fun splashing and and swimming with the animals. We then used the jugs to fill up the water so they could have some yummy drinks. :fish::whale2::crocodile:
Throughout the day we have been working together. We joined in with yoga and used rainbow ribbons to move and stretch out our bodies. :person_in_lotus_position:
Which then led us to play a friendly game of basket ball out on the field and to finish the school committee got together to build their own obstacle course! They moved the blocks and tyres to were they wanted and asked For help when needed. This was great as the children shared ideas and listened to others were they wanted pieces to go. We then took turns to climb, slide and jump at the end. :basketball:
To stay hydrated in the afternoon, we made our own refreshing cucumber water. We cut up the cucumber and then added them to the water and then poured water. :cucumber:

In baby room today we have had so much fun!👶😄 The babies have been looking at the window 🪟watching the rain fall☔️🌧 in the garden🏡 and seeing if they can see any birds flying around. 🦅🕊The babies have also been in the sensory room having a bit of chill time, looking at fish 🐠 🐟and the different colour lights. 🚦They were playing with sensory bottles too. 🍾

For ‘Do something kind day’ the babies made some thank you cards 📜for the parents/careers.👨👩👵👴They had their hands painted ✋and printed on the card and when it was dry the wrote in the card too with some coloured pens. ✍️🖍🔴🔵🟢

Later in the tray the babies explored in a tray which was full of shaving foam and coloured paint🎨🔵🔴🟡 with lollipop sticks. 🍭The babies used the lollipop sticks to mix the paint and foam together. 🔃They created all sorts of different colours by mixing them together. 🟣🟠🟢The babies have also been sat in a cozy area looking at books. 📖They have been turning the pages and lifting up the flaps to see what they can find behind it. 👀The babies looked at all the different animals 🐷🐮🐴and have been naming them with Katie. The babies have had a great day!! 👍🏻🤩

It’s been a rainy day in toddlers today but that won’t stop us from splish 💧splash 💧sploshing!💧Today we put our puddlesuits and welly boots🥾 on and headed outside in the rain! 🌧We had the best time in the garden jumping in all of the muddy puddles💦 and catching the rain! We have also had lots of fun practicing our hand ✋eye 👀coordination by kicking some footballs⚽️🏀 to our friends! To top it off we decided to play some parachute games to splash the rain everywhere! ☔️💦

Today we have also enjoyed sailing ⛴⚓️off to the deep blue sea 🌊to explore the land of pirates! We enjoyed playing with the pirate ship, making it sail around the sea and also searching for treasure 🏆🏅🥇👑with the pirates! For some of our cheeky pirates 🏴‍☠️☠️we made them walk the plank into the sea with the fishies!🐠🐟🐡

What a day in preschool! We have not let the rain stop us from having lots of fun 🤩 we have had a tremendous Thursday. In aide of world kindness day we have done a cutting out and sticking activity and chose what things we think are kind or unkind, we had a discussion about what kindness was to each child. The Children looked at each picture card and describe what they could see happening. The children then thought 💭 about if this action was kind. For example one picture was of two children high fiving each other, the children decided this interaction was kind. 💕

We had lots of fun exploring this weeks ice related tuff tray it was burrrinliant. We learned lots of exciting things about ice and animals that live in icy habitats. We learned how different animals get their food in icy conditions like penguins 🐧 have to swim under the ice 🧊 to get to all the yummy fish 🎣. We spoke about what can melt ice 🧊. We looked at the different things that effect the ice like climate change we learned that polynyas means water holes in ice 🧊. The children said the sun can melt the ice and then turn from ice to water 💧.

Today we have enjoyed den building in the sleep room with the preschoolers. They have taken a big interest in making dens and building. They enjoyed crawling through and sitting under the den in the dark with night lights on.
The children :boy::girl: enjoyed playing with the sand and making sand castles :european_castle:. They did well to pat the moulds to make the sand fall out. The children :boy::girl: also told their grown ups what they do at the beach and how they like to make sand castles :european_castle:.
Some of the children :boy::girl: came out and played circle :o: games on the field. They each asked their friends :boy::girl: to join in and they all had a lovely time together.
In babies :baby: they also enjoyed playing with the sand and using the different moulds. They enjoyed patting down the moulds with their grown ups :woman:.
They have also been practising their smiling :smiley: skills.

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