Hope you have all had a lovely week.


What a lovely week it has been. We enjoyed our relaxation day. we spend the day being calm and resting our bodies. Then we had a pirate themed day which was very fun. We also enjoyed looking at insects, eating pizza and looking after guinea pigs.

Hope you have had a lovely day,

Today is “Relaxation Day” and the children have enjoyed joining in with our activity. During group time we talked about what makes us feel relaxed 😌 and what we can do to feel relaxed 😌.

The children 👧👦 enjoyed taking part in breathing 😮‍💨 exercises. They breathed in for 5 seconds and then breathed out. Then they took it in turns to do a yoga 🧘‍♂️ pose.

At the writing ✍️ table we did really well to draw ✍️ around offering large shapes 🔷🟤🟥. The children 👧👦 did so well to listen 👂 and did some really good 👍 tracing.

In babies 👶 they have also had a lovely day. They started of by fixing the stairs by using a hammer 🔨. They did really good to fix the stairs.

Then they had some fun making faces 🤪by looking 👀 in the camera 📷.

We also enjoyed playing in our doughnut 🍩 and we did really well to reach to feel our sensory things.

What can you see? 👀
Outside in the garden we were on the hunt to look for bugs and different insects. We used tweezers to pinch and collect each bug laying around the tray. We then used our counting skills to see how many legs each bug had. We then looked through story books and picked out our favourite insects. 🐞🐜🪱
Some of us then marched around the field to find sticks, and leaves to create and make our very own a stick man! When we got back we used lots of glue to stick them together to create a stickman And other features. 🍁🍂🍃
In the afternoon we had a very exciting snack.…. PIZZA’S! We got to make our very own cheese and tomato pizza‘s. We used our independence skills to spread the tomato sauce and pincher grip to sprinkle the cheese!🍕


In Baby Room we have had a fab day!!👶😊
We have been in the garden🏡 this morning playing in the sand tray🏖️, building sandcastles 🏖️🏰with the buckets 🪣spades and rakes. The babies have also been looking at the guinea pigs in their cage, watching them run around , eating their food 🥬and hiding in the tunnel.
Later in the baby room, the babies helped make some sensory bottle 🍾using as range of different materials such as sand 🏖️, rice 🍚pasta, 🍝water💧 and cornflour. The babies also used some food colouring to add a pop of colour to the bottles. 🔴🟢One at a time using their hand eye coordination, ✋👀fine and gross motor skills 💪they made their own bottles by tipping the jug of water and rice, scooping 🥄up the sand and placing the pasta in the bottle. They had a lot of fun making these.☺️ After the bottles had been made, the babies played with them. Shaking them about making different noises 👂💥and rolling them along the floor.
The babies have also been doing some puzzles 🧩 on the carpet, matching and moving the puzzle piece around until it fit on the board. 🧩
The babies have been doing some more dancing 🕺to the music using the musical instruments this time. 🥁The babies have had a great time!!🤩👍🏻

We had a marvellous day in toddlers👫 and preschool today! Today we have visited the land of the pirates🏴‍☠️ and have been searching for treasure🏆🏅 in our pirate themed tuff tray! As we approached the tray we entered into the rough,choppy seas 🌊which was made with blue jelly bath! 🛁We then sailed our ships ⚓️🛳️overseas on the search for treasure on the treasure island! 🔍👀Once we had made it to the shore we found some TREASURE! 👑🏆🥇
On top of this we have been busy exploring symmetry ✨using mirrors 🪞and looking at different animals! We practiced holding the mirrors in the middle of a caterpillar🐛butterfly 🦋and a sunflower 🌻and we were very curious🧐 to see what happened when we looked in them!
In the garden🌳🌸🌤️today we have enjoyed going fishing 🎣to practice our colours! We closed our eyes 👀and dipped our hands 🙌🏼into the water to see if we could guess what colour fish 🐟🐠🐡we could pick out!

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