What do you get when you cross a shark with a snowman?☃️…. 

Frostbite!! 🦈
This week we have had a swimmingly good time learning all about sharks on shark day, wobbling like jelly on jelly day and treating our teddies to a teddy bear picnic!!

Wibble wobble jelly on the plate! :custard:

Today we have taken part in national eat your jelly day. We have had a messy tray filled with jelly and jelly cubes for the children to explore. They spoke about what the jelly felt like as they squished it between their fingers, “it’s sticky!” “It’s cold.” “It’s red.” :raised_hands:

This was then followed by using an experiment to see what would happen to the jelly cubes once we added water. There was lots of guessing and imagination skills used.:thought_balloon:

We then used different resources to see what patterns and marks they could make in the jelly. We had scissors, knifes, play doh tools, and forks. This was great fun explore jelly in different ways.

We then had a very wibble wobble snack and had some yummy jelly!:yum:

As a lunchtime treat a very kind mummy sent us in some ice lolly’s for us to enjoy. We had lots of smiles on our faces and had very cooled down tummy’s. We then spent some time making a thank you card.

Today in baby room we have had some much fun! 👶😃This morning in the garden🏡, the babies played in the sand 🏖making small and big castles. 🏰The babies also played with a musical mat, making music 🎶 wi re th their feet and looking at the animals on the mat🐶🐱🐷. To keep cool the babies have been splashing in the a tuff tray full of water 💦 💧. The babies have also been playing with the balls, throwing and kicking the ball. ⚽️🦵🫴Later the babies explored in a tray where they had to find sharks hidden under water.🦈💦 Overall the babies have had a great day!!🤩👍🏻

The toddlers and preschoolers have had a really fabulous day whilst playing in the hot summer sun ☀️. We have been playing in the water 💧 splashing our feet 👣 and relaxing to help us cool down. We have also been doing some art in the garden, doing some colouring with lots of different coloured crayons 🖍 and also some painting on the easel with an assortment of paints 🟨🟥🟦🟩. Today has also been Shark day where we have been exploring our beach🏝 and shark tuff tray. The toddlers and preschoolers have shown enjoyment whilst playing with the different sharks 🦈 and making them splash around in the tuff tray ocean 🌊

For snack time the children enjoyed making their own sandwiches 🥪. They had a selection to choose which they would like to put in their sandwiches 🥪. They had the choose of ham, cheese 🧀 or jam. Even their teddy bears 🧸 joined in with the sandwich 🥪 making.
The children 👦👧 also enjoyed doing everything for themselves cutting🍴up the cheese and spreading the jam and butter 🧈.

In the messy room the children enjoyed playing in our teddy bear 🧸 themed activities. In the large tray there were brown 🟤 paint 🎨 and shaving foam. It was a muddy puddle for bears 🐻.
In the smaller tray there was a face or a teddy bear 🧸. The children 👧👦 enjoyed playing in that tray as well. 

In babies 👶 they also made a sandwich 🥪 for their snack time. They tried very hard to spread the fillings and did well to choose which they wanted. Just look 👀 how much they are enjoying it 😋.
They also had some fun in the garden 🪴 playing with the soft play equipment.

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