Book of the month – The Gingerbread man!


This is a beautiful story about a little Gingerbread Man who comes to life and goes on a great big adventure. He was very cheeky and ran, ran as fast as he can away from the little old lady and little old man who baked in their bakery. He came across some friendly animals that wanted to eat him because he smelt so delicious!!!!!

He then meet a greedy fox who encouraged the gingerbread man to cross the deep river to safety, but little did he know the fox had other ideas and wanted to eat him for lunch.

The fox tricked the poor little gingerbread man onto his head and then asked if he wanted to learn to fly and gobbled him up.

The children really enjoyed getting involved with making their very own yummy Gingerbread Man. They helped each other with making sure all the ingredients where correct on the table ready to make their own delicious biscuits. They all took turns in measuring out the ingredients correctly and mixing it all together to make a big ballot dough. We used are fine motor skills to use a rolling pin to flatten out the dough then carefully used cooking cutters shaped like a gingerbread man. We all watched very patiently to see them cook in the oven, but we had to be very careful because it was hot!!!! we spoke about keeping safe when using the oven.

The children very carefully using lots of different types of sweets and icing decorate their own gingerbread man ready to eat.

The children had great fun exploring lots of different shape cutters and smelling the tasty play dough set up on the table to try and make their own gingerbread man. The children developed their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination within this activity. They also expanded their knowledge and language through their play.

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