Sunny week to you all.


What a great week we have had, we started off with independent day and the children enjoyed joining in with different activities, then it was America Day and the children enjoyed playing with activities that were red, white and blue themed. At the end of the week it was Macaroni day and the children enjoyed eating macaroni for dinner and playing with different pastas.

Hope you have had a great day,

Today is Independence Day, we talked about what Independence Day is and why some countries like to celebrate.

The children enjoyed playing with the musical 🎶 xylophones and took it in turns to share them. They played with the one in the garden 🪴 and then came inside and got out the musical instrument box a found another xylophone to play with.

Then we enjoyed tracing around different shapes 🔶🔵🟥 at the table and on the floor with our grown ups 👩. We talked about what shapes we had and talked about the sides and colours each shape has.

In babies 👶 we have also had a great day. We started our day playing in the garden 🪴. We had lots of fun in the ball pool, climbing all over the soft play and playing with the xylophone and singing 🎶 nursery rhymes.
Then we had some fun playing with our I.T toys. We enjoyed pressing the buttons.

What a super busy day today!

In the morning we took part in national American 🇺🇸 day.
In the messy tray we had paint 🎨 with the American colours with potatoes 🥔 were they could do potato stamping and explore mixing colours together.

In the garden we had lovely friendly game of soccer ⚽ by chasing after the ball and taking it in turns to do a BIG kick. Whilst this was going on we had a fan club with lots of cheers and flags waving 👋🏻 as we kicked the ball. 
Whilst in the garden we found a bug 🐜 and was very fascinated so we went inside to research more which led us to learn about more animals such as tigers. 🐅 

In the afternoon we had the wonderful Jessica’s mummy come in to tell us about her work. We took care of the teddy bears and learned how to make them feel better. 

We had lots of rainbow coloured plasters, bandages and even plaster cast for the broken bones. We then had stethoscope :stethoscope: were we explored and got to hear our heart beats as well as our friends and the teddy’s.  

We then learned about our Skelton and what happens under our skin and how much blood :drop_of_blood: we have in our bodies and we then compared them to adults and babies. We then finished by taking about our bones and sang along to head, shoulders, knees and toes.

To end our busy day we had the MonkeyMooer of the week and this week was…..Nyma for being more confident in using her words!

Today in baby room we have had a busy day!👶😁 This morning in the garden the babies explored in the water tray 💦pouring the water back into the tray using the water jugs.🫗The babies also did some painting in a tray today. 🖌️The tray contained some dinosaur ice eggs and different coloured paint.🎨🦖🪺 The babies decorated the eggs with the paint, making it any colour they want. 🖌️The babies also did some water paint in the wall, moving the brush is all different motion making different marks on the wall:bricks:💦🖌️. Later in celebration of Macaroni Day the babies did some threading with some pasta and pipe cleaners, the babies were really concentrating and working on the 🤚 and eye 👁️ coordination and fine motor skills.
The babies have had a great day!!!👍🏻🤩

Today in toddlers👫 we have been enjoying 😀 macaroni day with a twist!!! We have had lots of fun 🤩 with our macaroni tuff tray which was filled with some amazing ingredients to explore the process of making macaroni cheese 🧀!!!!
We carefully cut 🍴grated and sprinkled the cheese 🧀.
We used lots of different shades of yellow paint 🎨 to make the amazing cheese 🧀 sauce for the macaroni.

We also enjoyed using our fine motor :pinching_hand:🫳skills with some play dough✨ and lots of different shape 🔷:large_purple_circle::large_yellow_square:🔺play dough cutters, rolling pins and cutting tools.
We had lots of fun :partying_face: today!!!

The preschoolers have had fun filled Thursday. We have celebrated national Macaroni day today! We have done this by eating 🍽️ it for lunch and playing with different types of pasta. The preschoolers felt the textures 🤲🏻of hard pasta and watched how the past changed when water 💧 was added. The children were fascinated by this change and seeing how to the “hard” “crunchy” pasta had turned “soft” and “bendy”.
The children have also been pouring their own milk and water into their cups 🫗today. They have practiced using their motor skills and hand 🤚 to eye 👁️ coordination to successfully pour the liquid into their own cups! This promotes their independence for becoming school ready!! 🏫

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