Book of the month – I love you as big as a rainbow.


Making rainbows:

Why don’t you get creative and make colourful rainbows. You can lay out different resources to make rainbows such as paint and colourful tissue paper. It’s a great way to get involved in arts and crafts without getting to messy. You can even take it a step further by making your own paint, all you need is salt, flour, water and colour of your choice.

Wether sensory bottles:

You can go on a hunt around the garden or in a local park to collect flowers, leaves and stones and when you get home you can start to use your imagination to create different wether sensory bottles. You can fill them up with water and watch them float or you can do it without water and shake the bottles to hear the different sounds.

Kindness jar:

You can get an old jam jar and make it all bright and colourful and decorate in however you want. Next you can lay out colour paper or post it notes and get them to write something kind that will make them smile. You then can add them to the jar were they can be kept safe.

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