Hooray its Friday!


To end another week of fun ams laughter it started with BINGO day. The children got very enthusiastic and got very excited and called out bingo, whilst playing different bingo games from elmer to incorporating phonics. Next it went abit cold and we took a trip to Alaska where we explore a sensory tuff tray and read lots if stories and got to learn about the animals. Lastly we had a yummy chocolate pudding day where we made some cupcakes and explore different chocolate scents.

Hope you have had a great day,

Its “Bingo Day” and the children have enjoyed playing lots of games of bingo.

In the garden 🪴 we had a game of letter 🔡 bingo. The letter was “T” and the children 👦👧 did well to focus and listen 👂to their instructions from their grown up 👩.
Also in the garden 🪴 the children 👧👦 enjoyed climbing 🧗‍♀️ and jumping all over the soft play and the ball pool.

The children 👦👧 did well at phonics. This time they choose what letter 🔡 they wanted by picking from the pile in the middle of the circle ⭕. Then they showed their grown up the action and sound to that letter 🔡. They all did a great job 👏🏻.

In the babies 👶 they also had lots of fun playing in the soft play and ball pool.

In the babies 👶 we have enjoyed discovering the activity in the tray. In the tray was some flour, rice 🍚, cotton wool, different coloured 🔴🔵🟣🟠 ice cubes 🧊. They used their hands 🙌 to make marks 〰️➰, in the wet flour. The babies 👶 LOVED 🥰 getting messy!

We have had a great day in toddlers 👫, We have enjoyed exploring Alaska❄️⛄️ 🧊day by going to our very own Alaska themed tray! We put our aprons on and got as messy🎨 as we could by creating lots of different marks with icing sugar, shampoo, soapy foam and glitter! ✨We talked about which animals lived in the cold weather and named them all too!🦭🐬🐻‍❄️🐾

On top of this we have had lots of fun digging🚧 and scooping in the sand with diggers and cranes🏗️ exploring the garden with magnifying glasses 🧐🔍and feeding the guinea pigs lots of vegetables🥦🥕

The children have a wonderful day today in preschool!
We started our day being reading stories about polar bears 🐻‍❄️ in their cold natural environments! From this the children explored our frozen themed tuff tray filled with lots of sensorys items to represent the coldness.❄️ The children also experienced the coldness for themselves. The children had ice cubes 🧊 with animals frozen into them. The children were asked to find ways to set them free!!! The children discussed how they felt, how they become frozen 🥶 and what types of animals live in these conditions. The children really enjoy this activity!

Yummy chocolate pudding day!🍫

It has been chocolate pudding day and what better way to start of the day then exploring a chocolate themed tray. We had cocoa powder, chocolate rice, chocolate foam and many more different textures. 🍫

We then spoke about yummy chocolates we enjoy with our Mummy’s and Daddy’s and which ones we buy at the shops. This then led us to drawing our favourite chocolate bars.✍️ The winner was fredo!

In our home corner we had chocolate scented play-doh which we used our imagination to make some yummy chocolate cakes 🧁 for our friends to eat, but we had to be careful as they were abit hit!

In the tuff tray was a four season activity. The children got to explore each area and had good guesses about which season were which. The children got to ask a range of questions and got to learn about the world.🌍

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