Super Duper Friday!


This week has been full of adventures. To kick start our week we started with world caring day, where we spoke about Golden rules, what it means to be kind and making bracelets for people special. Next was GINGERBREAD DAY! We made our very own Gingerbread men out of playdoh and had a yummy Gingerbread cookie for lunch. To finish our week we had Donald duck day. We learnt about his friends whilst playing hide and seek and playing a game of Donald duck hook a duck.

“World Caring Day” and we have been very caring towards our friends, 👦👧
We have talked about why caring is a nice thing to do and who we can be caring to.
We have also been hugging our friends when they have been sad 😢. Making sure they were ok.

In the 👧👦 messy room the children enjoyed making a friendship bracelet. They used pipe cleaners and penne pasta 🍝 and did well to thread the pasta 🍝.

We also enjoyed playing in the gloop with our friends 👧👦 and grown ups 👩 and did really well to share. Our grown up told us that “Sharing is caring”.

In babies 👶 we also have been doing good caring.
We enjoyed making a friendship bracelet with our friends 👧👦 and grown ups 👩. We helped to tidy up the baby room and put away all our toys 🧸.
Then we had some fun in the gloop. We enjoyed getting messy hands 👐 and feeling the texture.

Gingerbread Day!!!

In the babies have had a fab day! They’ve been mixing rice 🍚 and paint 🎨 together to make something exciting 🥳 for tomorrow! Feeling ✋ the different textures of the rice 🍚 and paint 🎨 in their hands 🙌.

Later the babies explored the water 💦 tray in the garden 🪴. Filling up ⬆️ cups and bowls 🥣 before emptying them out again. As well as splashing with our hands 🙌 and arms.

The toddlers👫 have had lots of fun today!! We have been celebrating national gingerbread day 🥮by exploring a sensory tray filled with ingredients to make gingerbread biscuits!🍪 We enjoyed filling cupcake cases with flour and ginger using spoons and scoops!🥄

We have also had lots of fun in the garden🪵🌿 playing parachute games, digging in the sand and balancing on the balancing beams!🏃‍♂️🚶‍♂️
On top of this we have enjoyed exploring the magnetic shapes, ICT toys📞📸⌨️car track🚘 and small world with animals on the farm!🐥🐷🐮

The preschoolers have been celebrating gingerbread day!!🎉
The children got their hands messy explore our playdough to make gingerbread men and houses!🏠 We also used our sense of smell to describe the smell 👃 of our ginger infused playdough. We also got to colour and design our own gingerbread house’s🏠
The preschools also went on a name hunt! They searched the room looking for their names!
In the garden we danced 💃🕺 in the rain with our friends. We also managed to find a blue butterfly🦋 which some of the children carefully touched.

Donald Duck day!

Today we celebrated Donald Duck day with his friends. In the garden they decided they wanted to play hide and seek! We all counted to 🔟 and ran across the garden to see where they were hiding. They hiding places were so good it was a big challenge!

This then made us use our imagination to build a Donald Duck train.🚂 We used a range of different sizes and pushed them together and climbed all aboard!

Afterwards we became artists by painting portraits of Donald duck and his friends on the water wall. We took it in turns so that we could all have a go.🎨

How many Donald ducks can see catch? In our messy tray we had blue water for the pond and all the Donald ducks had fun swimming around. We used fishing rods to catch them as we did this we counted them as we went.

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