Happy Friday!!!! 🥳


Today was turtle :turtle: day and in messy room we enjoyed painting :frame_with_picture: turtles :turtle: using different colours :large_orange_circle::large_purple_circle::large_blue_circle::large_yellow_circle: and lots of green :large_green_circle:.
Also in messy they enjoyed playing in the textures water :sweat_drops: they told there grown ups :woman: what the textures felt like. Also in the water there were sea :ocean: creatures :turtle::whale::fish::whale2: the children talking about each creature together.We also talked about turtles :turtle: such as where they live :shell::ocean:, what they like to eat :tropical_fish: and can they be on land. The children :girl::boy: participated well and enjoyed listening :ear: to some fun facts.Preschool :girl::boy: have been practicing to put on their shoes :athletic_shoe:. Some have been able to do it all by themselves and other have needed a little support from their grown ups :woman:. Especially with the laces.In babies :baby: they have enjoyed playing in the garden :potted_plant: with the older children :girl::boy:.
They had so much fun playing with the loose parts pieces and kicking :leg: a football :soccer:.During lunch :spaghetti:  time they enjoyed sitting on a chair :chair: at the table eating using a fork :fork_and_knife: really well and ate all the pasta :spaghetti:. Well done :clap::skin-tone-2: babies :baby:.

We have explore blueberries by using them in different ways. We have squeezed, pulled, poked and rolled them onto paper to see what different marks that could make. We then decided to do some painting :lower_left_paintbrush: with them, we smelt them and spoke about the different smells. In our tuff tray we had a Charlie and the chocolate factory theme, about blueberries. We had all the characters and preformed a story by using our imagination. This then led use to use our hands to feel the ‘blueberries’ in the blueberry station, we rolled our hands around and then watched as they sprinkled through our hands. But we can’t forgot about the chocolate :chocolate_bar: fountain which was made by the umpa lumpa’s. We had great fun playing in the chocolate and even had a little taste. :yum:As the sun has been out we have spent most of our time enjoying the sunshine. :sunny: We have been mark making with chalk and having been drawing :writing_hand: rainbows :rainbow:, shapes and even dinosaurs! :sauropod:

Happy Friday! 

Today the babies 👶 have had a barrel of fun celebrating Elmer 🐘 day! We started of by decorating our own Elmers, using glue and torn up 📄 . We created some amazing Elmers 🐘

The babies have also enjoyed making our own music 🔈and dancing💃🏻. Some of us used the music 🎷instruments for this. Whilst others used the musical laptop 💻 ! 

We’ve had lots of fun!🎈

Today in toddlers we have celebrated Elmer day! 🤩We used our imagination to create our own interpretations of Elmer! 🐘We did this by dipping blocks into paint and then onto Elmer to resemble the unique squared pattern! 🟨🟩🟪🟦🟥

We have also enjoyed challenging our fine motor 🖐🤏skills by doing some chalk drawing on our chalkboard! We used lots of different colours and made different patterns! ➰〰️➿

On top of this we have enjoyed doing some singing 🎶with our singing spoons at circle time! We sung our favourite songs TikTok ⏰and Tiny turtle!🐢

Today the preschoolers have been reading the Elmer book. 🐘📖Elmer is a very colourful patchwork elephant who stands out from all of his other elephant friends! 🐘 We have created our own elephants this morning using our junk modelling resources and our imagination!💭 We used a variety of coloured paints 🎨to decorate our elephants, just like Elmer! 🐘

The preschoolers have spent lots of time in the garden today enjoying the sunshine!☀️🧴we have been exploring the sand tray and helping our friends build sand castles!🏜 

We have had lots of fun playing with all of our friends!😊

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