Let’s take a look back through the week.


This week we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine. We have spent lots of time enjoying the garden. We have developed friendships by sharing and playing in groups. We have splashed in bubbles, practiced our pouring skills and singing nursery rhymes. Next stop was pizza party day! We had lots of fun making pizza’s out of play-doh and using different toppings and using our imagination to draw pictures.

We went to the garden 🪴and explored the tray filled with Rice 🥣 Krispies! Crunching it in our hands 🙌 and having a cheeky little taste 👅 !

Later we painted 🎨 some decorations ready for our Jubilee party 🎈! Using different colours, to make spectacular paper chains!!

We have had lots of fun! We have enjoyed exploring pouring and emptying, using scoops with rice and rice krispies! We enjoyed listening to the sounds 👂 of the rice as it fell into the tray and we particularly loved eating the rice krispies! 😋

On top of this we have enjoyed riding on the see-saw, playing hairdressers✂️👱🏼‍♀️🧔🏻 with our friends and running around.

In preschool we have been very busy bees 🐝,. We checked on our guinea pigs and gave them fresh food and water 💦. We have also checked on our beautiful flowers 🌸 and gave them a well deserved drink of water 💦 from the watering cans.

We have loved playing with the big construction 🚧🦺 connectors making lots of different shapes, we made circles ⭕️ and squares 🟪.
We have loved exploring in the soil tray and building mud castles 🏰.
We loved pouring rice krispies and rice 🌾 through the funnels and filling up ⬆️ bowls 🥣 and cups.

We used our imagination 💭 and pretended we were pirates 🏴‍☠️ using telescopes 🔭 so we could see the enemies. We also made a pirate 🏴‍☠️ ship using the balance beams and boxes 📦.

Today is National Pizza 🍕 day . The children in the nursery have enjoyed deconstructing pizza ingredients in the messy tray, and we have spoke about what their favourite topping is on their pizza. 🍕
We have been practicing our dominant hand 🤚 skills by drawing our own pizzas, some children 🧒🧑‍🦱 drew their pizza’s on the chalk boards.

The babies 👶 have had lots of fun crawling through the tunnels using their loud voices as they crawled through . Some children even went for a ride in a digger🚧 which was very funny 😄

It’s been an outside kind of day! ☀️

In the garden we set up the water tray, filled with cold water 💦and bubbles, for the children to splash and explore. The children then added there own items around the nursery. They added rubber ducks 🦆 and different pouring jugs.

Whilst outside we used large wooden blocks to build and used our imagination. 💭 We worked together to create a bus 🚌 and started to sing wheels on the bus. 🎤

Some of the preschoolers practiced writing their names and sounding out each letter and naming different objects that began with them. Afterwards they focused and copied each letter. ✏️ We then spoke about our emotions and how we felt about going to school by drawing.

Throughout the week, we have been learning about recycling ♻️ and waste. We had three 3️⃣ different bowls and the children learnt about what certain objects go in which bowl.

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