The sun has been shining, Happy Friday.


This week, in preschool we have had lots of fun in the garden across all sites! This week we celebrated National Gardening Day. This gave us the opportunity to get planting! We have planted onions, sunflowers and sweetcorn. The children have also been learning about fudge this week, whilst creating their own and also eating it, delicious! Who doesn’t love a story time? Everybody got involved with story time, even the teddy bears. Have a beautiful weekend MonkeyMooers.

We enjoyed playing with the water πŸ’§ tray which was filled with lots of bubbles. We did some brilliant pouring and clapping our hands above the adults to see how bubbly they could be.
Mel was covered in lots of bubbles!!!!
With the bubbles and paintbrushes πŸ–ŒοΈ we washed our bikes 🚲 from the garden, we did some good cleaning, they are very try shiny now. We have had lots of fun celebrating ‘tell a story’ day, with all our friends. We looked at stories πŸ“š and took our teddies for a picnic to read to them. We used our imagination πŸ’­ when taking turns at looking at the pictures and coming up with some amazing stories. We have had a marvellous week in toddlers! πŸ‘« We started off our week by exploring different emotions and pulling faces that matched them! We were happy 😁 and sad, and sillyπŸ€ͺ. We have also enjoyed digging in the sand tray and looking at the different marks/patterns that the wheels made from the diggers!🚜🚧

This week we celebrated, β€œGardening πŸͺ΄ Day” and the children have enjoyed learning all about gardens πŸͺ΄.
We took the children to the field and talked about plants 🌱, trees 🌳, grass and living creatures 🐌. We looked πŸ‘€ at plants and we talked about what they need to grow. The children said rain 🌧 and sunshine β˜€οΈ. We then went under the big trees 🌳 and talked about them the children said they like trees 🌳 and some said they have trees 🌳 in there garden πŸͺ΄. When we were out we found lots of snails 🐌 big and small. The children really wanted to hold them which they did in their hands 🀲. They told us they felt slimy.

We also had lots of fun playing in our little garden πŸͺ΄. We enjoyed balancing on the wooden blocks. Balancing on the soft play and going in the ball pool. 

In babies πŸ‘Ά we also enjoyed playing in the garden. Throwing balls and going in the ball pool.
We enjoyed sliding down the slides and playing with the different colour cloths.
Then we had some fun with the musical instruments πŸ₯ and singing nursery rhymes with our grown πŸ‘© ups.

Happy fudge day!πŸ˜‹

What better way to get through the week then celebrating National fudge day!
Today we have enjoyed making a no bake fudge cake. We only used three 3️⃣ ingredients, we worked hard together to added the ingredients and mixed it all together. 
It was a great afternoon snack!πŸ˜‹ Parents have asked for the recipe too, so it must have been good!

We used our imagination in the home corner and used play dough and other resources to make pretend fudge cakes. We rolled them between our hands πŸ™Œ and added them to cake cases and shared them with our friends.

Throughout the day we have been learning about being independent. We used the dolly’s and clothes to help them get dressed which helped us maintain attention. We have also been learning about hand washing and why it’s important.πŸ’§

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