Introducing to you, THE TUFF TRAY CHALLENGE.


Here at MonkeyMoos, we are always looking at ways to spark that awe and wonder in the children. With this in mind, we introduced the ‘Tuff Tray Challenge’ a while back with the staff members across all of our sites. Who doesn’t like a bit of healthy competition hey?!

Each nursery, will create a tuff tray for the children to explore each week and the staff members will then vote for their favourite tuff tray! The winning nursery then get a delicious treat! This is a way of us awarding the fabulous work the staff members do, and we would like to also share these with you! So every week, you will get to see who the competitors are, why the tuff trays are created and then the WINNER!

Please see below some of the fabulous tuff trays which have been created! And the children really enjoying exploring the tuff trays!

First up, MonkeyMoos Winklebury!

Secondly, MonkeyMoos Highdown!

And thirdly, MonkeyMoos Worthing!

Last weeks Winners!! Last weeks winners were… WINKLEBURY! Lily from Winklebury created a beautiful gardening tuff tray. The tuff tray was in honour of National Gardening week and gave every child the opportunity to use gardening tools and learn about how plants grow. Well done Winklebury!

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