Woohoo it’s Friday! 🌞


Today the toddlers 👫and babies 👶we have been up to lots of fun! ✨We have enjoyed exploring different activities such as colour reveal cards using lollipop sticks 🍭to make marks on them. We have also been making our own sand pictures today using glue and sand! 🥣🍽🏖

We have also had lots of fun in the garden🌳💐 playing with sand, reading stories about strawberries📚making creations out of magnetic shapes📐📏

In Preschool today we all sat down in a big group with all our friends 👬and spoke about what fun things we all did over the bank holiday weekend with our family’s. We were all very excited to hear all the things our friends had done. 

We also checked on and looked at how well our strawberry plants are growing. We where all very happy to see some of them had started to sprout 🌱 through the mud. We gave them all some more water 💦 to help them grow some more. 

We enjoyed playing with the cars 🚗 and car mat. We loved getting involved with our hands to explore the sand and build lots of sand castles 🏰.

We have made some amazing things with the magnetic 🧲 shapes. The children made lots of rockets 🚀, pizza 🍕 and houses 🏠.

May the 4th be with you! Today was Star Wars day and we had lots of fun celebrating. 
We had green play dough in the messy tray with different resources for them to create their own Yoda’s, and we had great fun using our imagination. :thought_balloon:Next we had to use our building :wood: skills to build a ginormous rocket :rocket: to get to planet Star Wars. :ringed_planet: We used different colours and size blocks to build out rockets. Before it poured with rain :rain_cloud: we spent some time enjoy the sunshine.:sunny:  We used the spades to dig up soil ready to plant :potted_plant: our sunflowers. :sunflower:

Hope you have had a great day, Today is “Space Day :ringed_planet:”. This morning we enjoyed a group discussion about space and planets :ringed_planet:. The children did well to name some of the planets :ringed_planet: and we talked about their colours :large_orange_circle::large_green_circle::large_yellow_circle::red_circle:.After we had a discussion about planets :ringed_planet: and space the children wanted to draw aliens :alien: so we gave them different colour :large_orange_circle::large_yellow_circle::large_green_circle: crayons :lower_left_crayon: a piece of paper :page_facing_up:and the children sat for a long amount of time drawing :writing_hand:.In the messy room the children enjoyed painting planets :ringed_planet::earth_asia:. They painted on a piece of paper that had different space drawings and used different colour :large_green_circle::large_yellow_circle::large_orange_circle:paints.In babies :baby: we had a lovely day, this morning we had great fun playing in our sensory tuff tray picking up the rice :rice: with our hands :palms_up_together: and looking :eyes: through the magnifying glasses :mag:.
Then we enjoyed our grown ups reading a variety of books :books: we did well to sit and listen :ear: with our friends :girl::boy:

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