Monkeymoos Book of the Month – Let’s go to the farm!


Let’s go to the farm is an exciting and interactive way to get your children into reading and enjoying stories. You can buy the book from The Works for £2.00 or you can borrow it from your local library. Each month we have a new story for you to join in and have fun with, alongside some amazing activities to get involved in!

Make your own chicks!

All you need is some paper plates, paint, feathers and glue. To create you very own cute chicks.

Lay these resources out and allow the child to create their masterpiece.

Make your own bird feeder!

To create your own bird feeder, to bring all the birds to your window for an amazing sight. You will need lard, a pinecone and bird seeds.

Cover the pinecone in lards and then seeds, and hang it wherever you would like. Then just wait for the birds to come to you!

Find the animals!

For this all you need to do is go on a walk in your local fields or hills and see what animals you can find.

Make a list and tick them off once you spot them! If you can take a photo to show us then fantastic!!

Don’t forget you can send in your photos of reading the story or taking part in the activities to share with your friends!

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