Happy Easter!!🐰


Happy Monday,Hope you have had a great day,Today is Easter :hatching_chick: hat :womans_hat: day and the children have enjoyed colouring :pencil2: in some different Easter :hatching_chick: pictures to put on top of their hats.
They used different colour pencils :pencil2: and then stuck them on to hats :womans_hat:.Then we enjoyed some one on one time doing our phonics :capital_abcd: with our grown up :woman:. We did well to learn some new letters :capital_abcd: and learning the sounds :notes: and actions.We then enjoyed being out on the field finding butterflies :butterfly:. We found a white :white_circle: butterfly :butterfly: and watched were he flew to and followed the butterfly :butterfly:. We also found the butterflies some flowers :bouquet: for them to eat.In babies :baby: we loved looking at a variety of books :books:. We really enjoyed books :closed_book: with numbers :1234: in them and enjoyed listening :ear: to our grown ups count :1234:.
We also enjoyed playing with the bead maze box :package: toy. We enjoyed moving the beads around on the wire and playing with the twist and turn toys on the side of the box.

Today in Baby Room we have been busy playing and exploring. 👶This morning the babies explored on the big side of the garden. 🌳🌷Some of the babies watched a confetti cannon go off this morning and then started to collect the confetti in cups and bowls. 🎉🎊🥣The babies played in the tray which was full of mud, using spoons and cups to scoop it up. ☕️🥄The babies also played in the car and on the bike, going all around the garden.🚗🏍
Later the babies came inside and had a little quiet time in the cozy corner, looking at the books, playing with the puzzles and the bead maze. 📖🧩The babies have had a really good day!👍🏻🤩

Today we went on a trip to the park!🥳🤩 We had so much fun exploring lots of the fun things to do at the park! 🌳🪵🌤We enjoyed playing on the swings, the roundabout, 🎡climbing on the climbing frames, riding the see-saws🎠walking along the balancing beams and also watching the dogs running around the park! 🐶🐕‍🦺🦮

On top of this we have loved doing some Easter playdough! ✨We used different utensils to create our own Easter things like hot cross buns, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs!🐣🐰🍭

The children have had lots of fun today exploring lots of different things.The children have enjoyed being outside building an obstacle course, they spent lots of time exploring different ways to build the obstacle course, they tried to build it using the large blocks, flat blocks and the metal tubs. They worked together really well.:wood:The children enjoyed getting messy with the messy tray, they made marks using their fingers as well as paintbrushes. :lower_left_paintbrush:
They spoke about what they could see as well as what they could feel. The children enjoyed mark making, they decorated eggs which then turned into Easter cards, they enjoyed using the paints with the paint as well as with the stamper paints.:art:

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