MonkeyMoos book of the month – Jack and the bean stalk!


Jack and the beanstalk is a fun and easy way to get your children into reading and enjoying stories. You can buy the book from ebay for £3.08 or you can borrow it from your local library. Each month we have a new story for you to join in and have fun with, alongside some amazing activities to get involved in!

Grow Your own beanstalk!

you can by some ’magical beans’ and plant them and watch the, grow into a ‘giant beanstalk!’

All you need is water, soil, beans and a small pot. All you need to do is fill up the pot with some soil
March is the best time to do planting!

How high can you count?

why don’t you create a beanstalk out of kitchen roll, you can snips in between the tubes. Once thats done you can cut out some leaves and number them as high as you want and stick them onto lolly pop stick and then use a fairy, king or princess to climb up the beanstalk whilst counting each jump.

Can you help Jack climb the beanstalk?

You can make a sensory bag and have lots of fun trying to help Jack reach the top if the beanstalk. This is great fun for the children who don’t like to get messy.

Don’t forget you can send in your photos of reading the story or taking part in the activities to share with your friends!

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