MonkeyMoos Book Of The Month ~ Monkey Puzzle


Every month we will provide you with fun activities which link into our early years foundation stage which helps to develop the children’s learning through reading! So please do join us at home and participate in activities you can do at home together as a family. We would love to see what you get up to so don’t forget to send us photos of the children doing the activities or you can tag us on social media @MonkeyMoos.

The first thing to do: Read the story together, of course! How can you do this at home? You can find the book on Amazon- it is £5.54, or you could borrow it from your local library and then swap it for next months ‘MonkeyMoos Book of the Month’ or you can find the story being read online for free.

Here are some activities you and child can take part in too:-

SINGING MONKEY NURSERY RHYMES ~ All children love sing so why not sing a few MONKEY nursery rhymes with your children, such as ‘Five little monkey’s jumping on the bed’. Children will engage with their grown ups and join in with actions and older will be able to join in with singing as well as copying all the actions. You could even make some props too!!!! This will help promote children’s literacy and communication and language skills.

COLOUR/NUMBER SORTING ~ All children like posting things so why not make a monkey’s head out of an old cardboard box and encourage children to post the correct coloured banana or even challenge you child by encouraging them to post the 10 pink banana this will help promote their maths skills.

JUNGLE THEMED PLAY DOUGH ~ Children love sensory play so why not get your child to help make some play dough. Once your play dough has been made, you could make the scene of the jungle as well as making all the characters from the MONKEY PUZZLE book!!!!

MAKING MONKEY MASKS ~ All children enjoy taking part in all art and craft activities, so why not make your very own monkey mask and then you jump around pretending that you are swinging from the tree just like a monkey!!!!

Please feel free to tag us @monkeymoos so we get see all the fun you get up too!!!!

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