Let’s take a look at what we did this week….


This week the children have been learning about ice 🧊 , sponge cakes 🧁 and pets 🐶. They explore how ice is made and using language to describe what it felt like. They worked in groups to make chocolate and banana sponge cakes and took part in a show and tell for pet day!

In the baby👶room, we have been mark making using coloured🔴 ice🧊to celebrate ice🧊day. We used red🔴, yellow🟡, green🟢and blue🔵ice🧊to make wonderful pictures. This has helped with our fine motor skills and exploration.

The toddlers🤩 have been celebrating national ice day! We created ice pictures❄️ using different coloured ice cubes to make marks on the paper🔴🟢🖌️We talked about what it felt like “it’s cold” and “it’s wet”. ❄️💦

In preschool they have enjoyed national ice day 🥶. 
This morning we enjoyed making and designing our very own snowflakes ❄️. We did some brilliant scissor ✂️ cutting and used lots of glitter ✨ to decorate them.

We also braved the cold 🥶 for a run around in the garden to burn some of our crazy energy off. 

This afternoon we enjoyed exploring our winter tray. It was very cold with cold water 💦, ice 🧊 and lots of different textures for use to feel!!! 
We spoke a lot about how ice is made and that it is very cold and makes our hands chilly.

Do chocolate and bananas go together?🤔

The children did some cooking for chocolate and banana sponge cake day. They crushed and banged biscuits 🍪 together, chopped the bananas 🍌and melted the chocolate 🍫 and added it to a biscuit tin and waited for it to be set. Once it was set, the children got to eat it, moment of true…….. it was yummmmyyyyyy! The children had lots of smiles and demolished the cake!🍰

The children have been getting creative in the tuff tray were they got to create their own cake designs. The tray had flour, food colouring, sequins, coloured rice and pipe cleaners so they could develop their imagination.

In the babies 👶 we have loved National pet day. We have had pet dogs 🐶 horses 🐎 fish 🐟 and turtles 🐢 . We have explored the zoo

They have enjoyed talking all about pets 🐎🐈🐕🐇🐟.
We discussed who has pets 🐟🐎🐇🐕🐈 and what is our favourite animal 🐟🐎🐈🐕🐇.

Then we coloured in different animals 🐟🐈🐎🐇🐕 and matched the colours 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵 to each animal 🐟🐈🐎🐕🐇.

We traced around animal words and the children enjoyed working on their writing ✍️ skills.

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