It’sssssss….. Christmas Time!!! 🎄😆🙌🏼🎉


This week we have been full with christmas activities. The children enjoyed celebrating St Nicolas Day on Monday, then we celebrated Gingerbread men day. Towards the end of the week we then enjoyed making Christmas cards and on Friday we loved coming in wearing our Christmas jumpers.


Today we celebrated St Nicholas Day 🎅. The children have done so many different activities.

We have talked about who St Nicolas 🎅 is and what he does.
The children 👧👦 enjoyed writing a letter ✉️ to St Nicholas 🎅. This was good practice for their writing ✍️ skills. We also did an activity were we had to see how many mince pies Father Christmas 🎅 can eat the children did well with their counting skills 🔢.

The children enjoyed being Christmassy🎄by doing a Christmas 🎄 activity. They loved talking about who there gifts 🎁 are for.

Happy Wednesday!

Today in babies we have made gingerbread angels 👼. We used a spoon 🥄 to mix all the ingredients together before using a cutter with the help of our practitioners 👫to cut the shape out. Later on we decorated them using icing sugar and sprinkles, to make them look pretty. They smelt 👃really nice! We also loved exploring the garden 🏡 enjoying the winter ❄️ sun ☀️.

Today in the toddler room we have been very busy! 🤩We have been learning our colours by doing a colour matching activity with lots of different coloured objects:large_green_circle:🔴⚪️⚫️. We have enjoyed doing lots of digging and making shapes in the sand tray!⏹️🔼*️⃣. This morning we have also been outside in the garden🍃🍂creating different foods and drinks in the mud kitchen 🍴:mate_drink:🥧and doing lots of running around!🏃‍♂️

In the preschool👫room today, we have been making ginger play dough. We took turns pouring the ingredients into a bowl and mixing them all together. This activity helped with our patience and sharing. The preschoolers👫have also been exploring the water💦tray. We practicing our pouring some more and giggled as the water💦swirled out a funnel.

The holidays are coming!🎵

Today the children have explore a winter themed tuff tray, ❄️ The tray had different textures – flour, marshmallows, and sugar cubes . The tray also had winter themed words for the children to learn. They had fun picking up the flour and pouring it through their fingers.

They have made Christmas cards, they had a choice between Santa 🎅 and snowflakes.❄️ They have been independently making the cards but with adults near by for help when needed.

The children have helped decorate the nursery by making paper chains, they used scissors ✂️ to follow the lines and then stuck them together.

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