Wahoooo it’s Friday


What another amazing week of learning at MonkeyMoos. The children have been taking part in national hub a bear day🐻, which they took care of the poorly and made them better. This was then followed with yummy vanilla cupcake 🧁 day, where the children got to make cupcakes out of play dough as well as eating yummy cakes. To finish the week the children learned about Remembrance Day,🌺 the children talked about what the different poppies meant and created their own poppies to take home.

Happy vanilla cupcake 🧁 day!!

In the baby room today we have been smashing up cupcakes (we may have eaten some too 😜!) and practiced our building skills, building cake castles 🏰. We have also been exploring lots of natural materials from sticks to pine cones whilst our adults introduced lots of new words!

With all the excitement in the baby room, the preschoolers and toddlers have been very busy😁. In celebration of Vanilla Cupcake Day, the toddlers have been decorating cupcake pictures with a range of different materials, such colour glue, ribbon and glitter. ✨🎀While the preschoolers have been up busy upstairs making cupcakes. They all took turns in putting in the ingredients in the bowl and mixing it together to make their vanilla cupcakes🧁

The children have been celebrating hug a bear day 🧸🧸 and have had bear themed activities such as making teddy bear faces, a bear land and a teddy bear picnic. 🐻🧺🐻‍❄️

Some children from toddlers and preschool went on a teddy bear hunt. They went down the path, through the leaves, 🍁 climbed through the climbing bars 🧗‍♀️and slid down the slide. The children were excellently behaved and loved the walk in search of bears and the park.

In the setting the children enjoyed reading, playing in the garden and discovering new textures in messy room. The children especially enjoyed playing with playdough, making and cutting different shapes of all sizes. ✨

The Children have been learning about Remembrance Day! 🌺

The children had fun exploring the sensory Remembrance tuff tray, it had green 🟢 rice for the grass and wood chips. The tray also had paper aeroplanes ✈️ in which is a huge interest at the moment.
The children noticed the different coloured poppies 🌺 and learned about what the red and purple ones meant.

They have also been creating red poppies from cupcake cases and coloured felt, and lots of colourful lollipop sticks. They was then asked what they wanted to say to a loved ❤️one which was then written in the middle. They then used purple paint 🎨 to create purple poppies for the animals using paintbrushes and handprints.

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