Did someone say it was Friday?


This weeks National days were a mixture of all different things going on 🇱🇷🧁🏊‍♂️. We started with American day, 🇱🇷, learning lots of fun facts, looking at the colours on the flags 🇱🇷 and looking at where America is on the map 🗺. On Wednesday it was chocolate 🍫 cupcake 🧁 day, we had cupcakes 🧁 for pudding they were delicious 😋. To end the week of we enjoyed a day of sports. The children loved egg 🥚 and spoon 🥄 races, running race 🏃and tennis 🎾. All in all another fantastic week.

American day
We have been very busy talking and learning about America. We looked at lots of different fun facts about America and talked about what a mainland we thought we might see in the rainforest. 🇺🇸
We had lots of fun using different shapes to make our own American flags. We talked about the different colours we would need to use and what shapes we could see in the flag. 🇺🇸
We enjoyed looking at pictures of the American flag and finding all of our blue and red pencils to decorate our own flags. ✏️.

In babies there’s been some very exciting news, the chocolate cupcake waterfall has been dumped in the tray! We used the diggers to move them back into the tray over the rice crispy rocks and into the waterfall again.
We have also been making spooky 👻 pictures with chalks and pencils to create some Halloween ghosts

Whilst all this excitement was happening, the toddlers👫have been exploring the coloured ice🧊we made yesterday. We moved the ice🧊about in our paper📄. They made lots of marks. The toddlers👫have also been making chocolate🍫cakes🧁. The mixing and pouring has helped with our fine motor skills and hand✋-eye👀coordination. It was super exciting!

The children started there morning with a game of hopscotch and counted all the way to 🔟! They then took it in turns to see how many times they could throw the ball ⚽ into the bucket 🪣 in 1️⃣ minute!

In the afternoon they took part in an egg 🥚 and spoon 🥄 race, with the eggs they decorated in the morning. Which was then followed by a game of tennis 🎾 letting the children share and take turns.

As every child was a winner! They all worked together to decorate the winning trophy.🏆 They used lots of bright colours and named which colour was their favourite and of course a certificate to show their families.👩‍👩‍👦‍👦

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