Fundraise – Friday 😁


This week the children have learnt so much from making their favourite desserts 🍨 , learning about space 🚀and raising awareness for jeans for Genes.👖

To start with was national do something nice day were the children got creative and made cards for people special to them. Next was dessert day were children were very excited to make cakes and trifles. To end the week the children took part in awareness for jeans for genes, they decorate and designed their own jeans and had a bake sale to raise money.😀

The children have been celebrating SPACE Week, so at MonkeyMoos the children made some space pictures by using space stencils and different sized stars which we were able to draw around.
They made rockets using the magnetic squares, they made different sized rockets. The children had a competition to see how could make the biggest rocket. They then were able to count the squares from 1-5.
Albert the alien dropped all of the rockets, we had lots of fun trying to find all our names. We then looked at all the letters in our names.

To celebrate Grandparent’s day, the children got very arty and made all of their Grandparent’s a special card, just to say how much they love them. They used lots of different materials such as sequins, paints and even markers.

It’s cold outside but we’ve made the most of it today celebrating 🥳 National dessert day! 🍰

In babies they have been exploring a deconstructed trifle 🍮 tray! This tray filled with all things yummy and textured has been so much fun. They have been using our senses to touch,feel, smell 👃🏿 and taste each different item. The children have also been engaging in some baking! ⏲️With the support of the grown ups the children have been adding ingredients into a bowl 🍲 and mixing them all up to make yummy flapjacks!

Elsewhere in the nursery, the toddlers👫explored a potion making tuff tray. We had lots of different materials in the tray, like paint, flour and glitter! The toddlers👫mixed them together to see what marvellous creation they could make. They had some pink and blue paint and we mixed it with the flour to see what would happen.

Meanwhile the preschoolers👫have been making cookies🍪for dessert day. They did amazing mixing and the cookies🍪looked very yummy! They mixed the ingredients together in a big bowl with a spoon and then placed them onto a baking tray. They made lots of cookies🍪! The children👫have all explored a dessert activity. They used cocktail sticks to pick up different foods🍎and dipped them in yoghurt. They went in the freezer to go hard. They looked👀super yummy🤤!

What a great way to end the week, with lots of fundraising for Jeans for Genes day! Thank you all for your donations. We have raised so far: £33.60. 💪

The children enjoyed helping make a Rocky Road for the cake sale.🍰 The children used their hands to bang the biscuits up into small pieces and add them to the bowl as well as breaking up the chocolate. 🍫 They then added lots of marshmallows and poured the melted chocolate over and put it into the fridge.

The children also used lots of different art materials to create their own jean design. 👖 They had coloured pasta, match sticks, and crayons 🖍 to make them colourful. Whilst that was going on other children used blue playdough to create more designs.

To finish the children helped wash 🧼 a car to raise money. They had lots of fun making bubbles and washing away the dirt, until it was all shiny and clean. The children have been showing a huge interest in cars and how they work. ✨

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