Happy Friday 🥳


What better way to start the week then celebrating our family. We have spoken about what we love about our family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and what makes us special. We then had a yummy Wednesday for National biscotti 🍪 day. Making lots of delicious treats. To finish our fabulous week the children thought about different way to make each other smile 😃. We told jokes and said nice things about each other.

‘’ Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ 🍎

Today the children have been admiring themselves in the new mirrors we have at MonkeyMoos! 🖱️ They have been showing their smiles whilst talking to themselves positively! “I am powerful.” “I am great.” “I can do anything” are just some of the positive affirmations we have been hearing today. 💪🏽
A great day of positive self love ❤️

Our tuff tray today had an Autumn feel! 🍂 The children learnt all about hedgehogs too whilst exploring Hedgehog Street! There was lots of textures to explore: crunchy leaves, spiky fir cones, and rough tree stumps! 🌳

Today in the baby room we have had a great day!😊 The babies have been working on their fine motor skills with a Hungry Caterpillar threading activity🐛As we read through the story, the babies helped thread the caterpillar’s food on a piece of string.🍎🍉 The children have also been doing baby yoga with a practitioner, exploring different ways their bodies move. The babies have really enjoyed the activities today!😁

Elsewhere in the nursery, the toddlers👫have been making marks in glitter✨. We used our fingers, hands🖐 and lollipop🍭sticks. This helped with our fine motor skills. The toddlers👫have also been exploring painting🎨using straws. We blew through the straws and watched what marks were made. It was so crazy🤪. The children👫have been making breakfast for our bears🐻at nursery. We had cornflakes, rice crispies and other cereals.

The preschool 👫have been doing a marked making activity painting 🎨🖌their own interpretation of cars 🚗. They were using a variety of paints🎨 to do this activity and using their fine and gross motor skills💪 and this was developing their colour recognition skills 🔴. The preschool were also making their own cupcakes🧁 for national biscotti day. Mixing all the ingredient together

Today at MonkeyMoos we celebrated National Family Day.

We have been using the play dough to make the people who are special to us. We made the the play dough into circles for everyone’s face, then we made their lips and nose.

We had lots of fun looking at pictures of our friends families, we found out who had Mummies, Daddies, Big Brother and Baby Sisters. We also talk about our furry family members too. Some of our friends had dogs, hamsters and even cats. After we talked about our family members we drew a family portrait, we looked at the pictures and copied them. We also spoke about the differences we have like hair colour, eye colour and even the fact that some of us wear glasses to help us see.

Hope you all have a fabulous evening and we shall see you all tomorrow for another fun filled day!!

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