Have you got that Friday feeling!


Wow, what a week we have had. It started with a “ahoy there” and ended with a sign. Pirate day was a blast, we saw children using their imagination, creating pirate ships to walking the plank. Towards the middle of the week we captured children eating chocolate, well they sure did enjoy the white chocolate, it was all around their cheeky chops. To end the week of nicely we learnt how to sign, it was great fun watching the children being so creative with their hands and learning a new skill.

It was talk like a pirate day and all of the children really enjoyed dressing and talking like pirates. 🏴‍☠️
The preschoolers enjoyed walking the plank like pirates, we had to put our arms out to the side to try and help us balance and to make sure we didn’t fall in the water.
Then some of the children enjoyed listening to our new book ‘the dinosaur that pooped a pirate’, the children enjoyed pointing at all of the pictures and telling each other what they could see. 🦕
We enjoyed joining in with colouring some pirate pictures, we had to look for the correct number to find out what colours we needed to use. ✏️
We talked about pirates and what they do and then we stood up one by one and tried to talk like a pirate, it was funny.
We played a game of pop up pirate and we worked as a team to help each other complete some of our pirate puzzles. 🏴‍☠️

In babies 👶 we have discovered the cookie 🍪 monster stole our white chocolate chip cookies! So we have decided to make some more. The children used their hands to make the cookie mixture before adding the chocolate and rolling it out and then finally cutting them into cookies. We then took a trip upstairs ⬆️ to pop them in the oven with Ashley. We have also been helping the Milkybar Kid. He lost his sheep 🐑 in a white chocolate pond!

Elsewhere in the nursery, the toddlers👫explored changing the colour of chocolate🍫and putting it in moulds. We have been adding lots of sprinkles and shared the chocolate well with our friends👫. The toddlers👫have also explored foot🦶print painting🎨. We made lots of foot🦶prints across the paper📄. The toddlers👫made sure to walk carefully so we didn’t slip over. This afternoon, it has been sunny☀️so the children👫have been exploring the water💦tray. We helped the practitioner fill it up by holding the hose really tight. The children👫filled different containers up with water and compared them to see which of them could hold more water💦.

The children have been interested in learning what each sign means from colours 🌈, numbers 🔢and letters. 🔡

The children have identified the letters they knew, mainly from their names, to then learning some sign language letters.

They have also worked together to practice the colours of sign language 🌈 by painting 🎨 pictures together.

They have also been very good helpers by helping prepare snack and using the tools safely.

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