Let’s take a look at what we did this week!😁


As the children arrived to start the week it was filled with amazing Roald Dahl activities from creating their own stories, to making magical potions, and as if that wasn’t fun enough they then learnt about Rocky roads, by learning about where they came from and making their own yummy Rocky roads. Lastly they learned about red pandas by exploring there sanctuary and using play dough to make pandas.

Happy Roald Dahl day!📚

The children enjoyed making potions 🧪 inside and outside. They used the water tray and added different colours to make their potions come to life. They also used nature from outside to create more potions.

They used the mud kitchen to make bird 🦅 pies 🥧 using spoons and knifes to cut ✂️up the ingredients and mix it all together.

They worked together to colour in a giant peach 🍑 using orange paint 🎨, orange pens and orange match sticks.

The children then explored the Charlie and the chocolate factory tuff tray, which had lots of tasting 👅 and playing to do. The tray had chocolate 🍫, marshmallows, biscuits 🍪 and golden syrup.
They had to work together to build a house 🏠 out of biscuits for the Oompa Loompa’s and they had to sail the boat 🚤 down the chocolate 🍫 river.

Hope you have had a lovely day,

The children enjoyed helping to make a rocky road. They mixed all the ingredients 🍫🍪 together and then laid it out on to a tin.
After they had eaten their tea they got to eat their MonkeyMoos rocky road 🍫🍪.

The children enjoyed making their own MonkeyMoos rocky road 🍫🍪 play dough. Sharing the resources and having fun together.

In babies they took part in making a rocky road 🍫🍪 as well. They enjoyed mixing the ingredients 🍫🍪 and loved eating eat for their pudding after tea.

The babies have been extending their interests in balls ⚽️. They have been using a Lego maze to manoeuvre the balls around to use and develop problem solving skills and hand eye 👁️ coordination. The children took turns and were very patient. For red panda 🐼 day they have been using playdough to make our own pandas 🐼. They have been using their hands and playdough tools ⚒️ to manipulate and move the playdough into different shapes. They then used this opportunity to talk about our own features such as eyes 👀 and mouth 👄.

Meanwhile toddlers👫have had a very exciting day exploring red🔴 panda🐼 day. The toddlers👫 made their own interpretation of a panda🐼. They used pva glue to stick the different parts of our panda🐼 down. As the panda got muddled up. The toddlers👫have then explored hand✋painting🎨. They used red🔴 paint🎨 to make different marks on our paper. They then added some sparkly✨ red🔴 glitter. These activities have helped with our fine motor skills, hand✋-eye 👀 coordination and sharing skills.

The preschool👫 have been exploring red🔴panda🐼day by making their own masks. They painted paper📄plates red🔴and added glitter✨and the other facial features. The preschool👫have also explored an animal🦁🐻pairing game. They made the different noises of the animals🐷and talked about what colours🟡they are. This helped with our understanding of the world around us and our language skills.

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