What a fabulous Friday!😁


The children learn new things every day and this week the children have learnt even more…

What better way to start the week then having fun at the beach! They have made sandcastles and they helped rescue a crab.🦀 They then learned about honey and how it’s made and where is comes from by taking part in lots of bee 🐝 activities. To finish our fabulous week the children learned about sky scrapers 🏙 by using different media materials to create their sky scrapers.

The babies have had lots of messy fun! They have had glitter sensory play. The children used their fingers to make marks and shapes in the glitter ✨ on the light 💡 box 📦. They then used their hands to clap 👏🏻 to find out what happened to the glitter. The children bonded and made new friendships doing this and loved using the dials to turn the lighbox onto different colours. This then turned into using our hands to clap 👏🏻 with different materials such as foam. They developed schemas but mixing the different glitter ✨ and foam together.

Elsewhere in the nursery, the children👫have been exploring a bee🐝 game. We used our sharing skills to make sure everyone had a go. This activity helped with our maths as we counted the amount of bees🐝 we had. The children have explored the water💦 tray. We used different containers to move the water to and from.

Happy Wednesday,

Hope you have had a lovely day,

We played a game we’re we had to put all the bees 🐝 in to a hive.

Then we painted 🎨 our own bee 🐝 hives using different colour paints 🎨.

For snack time we enjoyed eating honey 🍯sandwiches 🥪. They were super yummy 😋.

In the home corner the children enjoyed pretending they were having a honey 🍯 tea party 🎉.

In babies 👶 they enjoyed looking at the fish 🐠 pointing to them and watching them swim around in their fish tank.

How High can you go!!!

The children have been exploring skyscrapers for National SkyScraper Day 🏙.

They have used different media and materials to create different sized towers and recognise different shapes.

They have used tooth picks and marshmallows to see if they can make a their sky scraper as TALL as Big Ben! This helped the children use their fine motor skills and concentration to join them together. The children and adults spoke about where they might find Big Ben and they all confidently replied “London!” This then led to the children discussing their trips to London and also other places where they may have visited.

They have also used squares 🔲 and circles 🔘 to see who would win the competition to see who will create their sky scraper first! The circles were the most popular shape to use!

The children have also been enjoying some abstract art! Creating skyscrapers using the paints in our beautiful art area! The children were given different art work of sky scrapers for inspiration. Some beautiful sky scrapers were created!

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