Happy Friday πŸ₯³


Wow what another great week, full of amazing activities and a fantastic learning journey! This week we have had National tell a joke πŸ˜‚ day where we tried to make our friends laugh. Next we have National peach πŸ‘ day! We explored the texture and taste of peaches, they were yummy! To finish the week we had aviation ✈️ day where we learnt all about planes, how they fly and what we see when on a plane.

What better way to start a Monday then with lots of jokes and laughter!πŸ˜…

The children have enjoyed taking part in monkeymoos 🐡 talent show, they all took it in turns to sing songs 🎀 or tell everyone a joke. β€œWhy did the chewing gum cross the road?… because it was stuck to the chickens foot.”

They also had lots of fun pulling funny faces πŸ€ͺ in the mirror and walking around the room pulling faces at their friends.

In the afternoon the children went on the field. They played a game of tag and chased after each other, whilst others played a game of football. ⚽️

We have enjoyed all our peach activities, we had peach πŸ‘ in water πŸ’¦ and the children were making there own peach πŸ‘ juice πŸ₯€, we had peach πŸ‘ painting, the children enjoyed this activity so much.

In babies πŸ‘Ά they also enjoyed playing in our peach πŸ‘ water πŸ’¦ they really enjoyed this. Then they enjoyed playing peek a boo and playing with the sensory bottles.

HungryMoose also got involved in all the peach πŸ‘ day fun! They made yummy peach pudding and had exciting and tasty 🀀 activities for the children to go alongside!!

Happy Friday all!!
Babies have been bird 🐦 watching today for aviation national day. They have been using binoculars to look up ⬆️ into the 🌌 to see what they could see. This gave them the chance to extend their vocabulary and peak their interest and curiosity. They looked at pictures of different birds πŸ¦… and Ashley spoke about the different colours. The children then extend their activity by searching for mini beasts all around the gardenπŸͺ΄.

To further explore the fun 🀩 of aviation ✈️ toddlers and preschool have been looking πŸ‘€ out of plane windows πŸͺŸ to explore the natural 🌳 world around them. They engaged in conversation πŸ’¬ about what they can see and the features of the items. They have also been using their hands πŸ™Œ to make paper planes πŸ›©οΈ to race 🏁 in the garden.

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