Smile is Friday 😁


To start another fantastic week, the children celebrated book πŸ“š lovers day! Which was filled with lots of activities from listening to stories in groups to drawing their favourite characters. The children then learned about lions and how fierce they can be by creating their own lions and roaring as loud as they can. But we can forget about bowling 🎳 they took it in turns to knock down the pins and cheered on their friends to win.

The babies πŸ‘Ά have been looking πŸ‘€ at all things story πŸ“– related! They looked at a story about a sheep πŸ‘ and felt πŸ™Œ the textures before using blocks 🧱 to make the sheep a home 🏠.

At the same time the preschool and toddlers πŸ‘« have been exploring mark making with the chalk πŸ–οΈ to make their own pretty pictures. They talked about the different things they could draw and what colours they were using 🟣. The children also made their own book covers πŸ“šwith the pencils✏️ , which developed their fine and gross motor skills πŸ’ͺ, whilst talking about their favourite booksπŸ“š.

It’s been β€œLions Day πŸ¦β€. The children have played with so many lion 🦁 activities that had been set up and

learnt new fun facts about lions 🦁 β€œDid you know that a lion lives for 20 years”.

They then enjoyed making one large Mosaic collage, Can you see what it is? 🦁

They also made their own lion manes 🦁 using shredded paper πŸ“„.

The children enjoyed playing in the Lion 🦁 swamp. Getting messy and stamping the lions 🦁 in the swamp.

In babies πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ they also took part in Lions 🦁 day, by helping to colour in the large Mozart collage and enjoyed it when there grown ups were making lion 🦁 noises.

The children have been getting involved in bowling 🎳 activities.

They had a game of bowling by standing the pins up and taking it in turns to throw a ball ⚽️ to knock the pins down⬇️ and counted how many pins went down.

They then made there own bowling game by using cups and balancing them
together and used a small ball ⚽️ to knock them down.

Next they had to put the bowling pins in order from 1 to 10 and use their counting to count in order up to 10.

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