Take a look at what we did this week 😁


This week we have a lot of fun, we have celebrated National chocolate chip cookie day, National colouring book day and National play outside day. The children have loved these experiences and what the grown ups have set up to learn new things.
With chocolate chip cookie day we learnt how to make them and where they came from, for National colouring book day we had fun choosing the pictures we wanted to colour in and spoke about the colours we would use.
Not forgetting National play outside day where we had lots of fun setting up obstacle course and taking part in races.

Hello :wave: everybody! the babies :baby: have been celebrating :partying_face: chocolate :chocolate_bar: chip cookie :cookie: day! They have been using their imagination and fine motor skills to cut out circle :o:️ shapes for their cookies :cookie: . They have had so much fun :star-struck: rolling and using their hands :raised_hands: to manipulate cookies!At the same time Preschool and Toddlers have been making their own chocolate :chocolate_bar: biscuits they used the chocolate chips to put on to top of them. They used their fingers :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: to holds spoons :spoon: to dribble the melted chocolate on the biscuits before adding white chocolate chips. They also engaged a counting :100: activity with the chocolate chips peices to see how many they could put on their cookies :cookie:. This was encouraging them to use the language of counting as well as size :straight_ruler:.Have a lovely evening! :blush:

Happy national colouring day!:lower_left_crayon:The children have enjoyed colouring and mark making using different resources such as pens :lower_left_ballpoint_pen:, crayons :lower_left_crayon:, pencils :pencil2:, and chalk.
They have made wonderful pictures…. “Mummy and Daddy”, “Santa” and “beach.”The toddlers enjoyed colouring :lower_left_crayon: in different pictures and talking about their pictures whilst the preschoolers used stencils to create different pictures and practiced writing :writing_hand: their names.They have also enjoyed the garden and have been looking for bugs :ant: that have been hiding under the logs :wood: or under the tyres. They have also used the wooden blocks:bricks: to build racing cars :racing_car: to go on different adventures.

Happy Friday 😀

We have been having lots of Fun for National play outside day, we have set up some obstacle course with balls ⚽️ and we had to run ⛹🏻‍♂️ with the ball around cones.
we also had a lot of fun creating a collage of our favourite thing to do in when playing outside.
As it got really wet we went inside and continued our play on the climbing frame, as well as using stencils to create pictures and playing with the pop up toys to work on our fine motor skills.

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