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Oh, what a week. We have had so much fun this week exploring similarities with each other through the colour of our eyes, along with we Love horses day, we even found out some of us own horses, then we finished off the week with a cute International picnic day, we had fun with this day and we hope you enjoy a few picnics of your own this weekend, if you do please feel free to take pictures and tag us in on our social media.

Eyes are many different colors, female and male

This week we have celebrated national different coloured eye day. We have had some fun activities.We enjoyed looking in the mirror :mirror: seeing what colour :large_green_circle::large_blue_circle::large_brown_circle: our eyes :eyes: are.
We then used different coloured paints :art: to colour eyes :eyes:, this was a great talking point for the children.
We also talked about how powerful eyes :eyes: can be and what we use them for, talking about going to the opticians to keep them healthy and what they do to check that they are working like they should.

We also had fun celebrating :partying_face: I love horses :racehorse: day. We have had a messy gloop mud tray. We have been making horse :racehorse: noises and been exploring how the gloop moved like slime between our fingers.
The children have also been playing in the tuff tray. We have been singing the song β€˜once I caught a fish.’ We then have been catching fish :tropical_fish: in the garden in the sand tray with magnetic :magnet: fishing rods.Meanwhile the toddlers have been acknowledging I Love Horses :racehorse: Day by painting horses in the colours :rainbow: of their choosing. They spoke about what colours they chose as well as making horse sounds :speaker: while getting all messy as budding artists :artist: They have also been exploring cars :blue_car: in paint :art:. They used the hands :raised_hands: to move the cars around the paint to make tyre marks on tinfoil. This helped them explore making different marks while using new descriptive language :speech_balloon: to describe the marks.Preschool have also been getting in on all the horse :horse: fun by engaging in a small world :earth_africa: beach :beach_with_umbrella: scene, taking the people on a pony ride along the sand. They used their brains :brain: to think up a storyline :book: to add to the play too. They have also been looking at puzzles :jigsaw: to explore shapes to use them for a purpose. They explored the different food :stew: puzzles, naming the food such as radish or grapes grapes :grapes:.

What a Beautiful Day! Happy Friday and also Happy National Picnic Day! :fork_and_knife:Today, the children have been exploring activities which engage them whilst celebrating National Picnic Day!

Firstly we started the day by exploring toasties because every picnic must have bread included! :sandwich: The children created their own toasties! They had the choice of fillings, which were: honey, soft cheese, butter or cheddar cheese (cheddar cheese was the most popular! Yum! :cheese_wedge:) The children used the toaster to create their own toast- waiting with anticipation for the toast to bounce out!
They were then able to use child-friendly knives :fork_and_knife: to cut the cheese or to spread the other fillings onto their toast. Squashing the pieces together to create their toasties! :sandwich:Now the children had the knowledge :bulb: of how to create a toastie/ sandwich, they then were given the task of putting their own How-To instructions together! :spiral_note_pad: They used scissors (be careful!) :scissors: to cut out pictures of how to make a sandwich/toastie. They then put them in order, what came first? :woman-shrugging: The butter or the cheese? The children enjoyed being given the responsibility of using scissors! The children continued to say to each other ‘Be Careful!’ throughout the activity.There was also lots of role play around picnics! The children created their own picnic together- choosing real fruit and vegetables as well as using familiar objects which represented food too- a great use of their own imagination!! :green_apple::apple::green_apple:To finish the day- we had our very own picnic! Thank you to HungryMoose for providing us with such delicious food and always helping us to celebrate the fun National Days! :heart:

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