Happy Friday šŸ¤©


What a fabulous week we have had at MonkeyMoos! We went down to the depths of the ocean and learnt all about the sea creatures that live there. We have also been sharing lots of love whilst celebrating Best friends Day. We have also visited a childhood favourite- Donald Duck!

We have enjoyed having a teaĀ :teapot:Ā partyĀ :tada:Ā in the home cornerĀ :house_with_garden:. There were lots of different foodsĀ :apple::grapes::carrot::bread::hamburger:.

The children have also been creating their own volcano. The children have enjoyed being creative with paperĀ :page_facing_up:Ā mache. They have done a great job and we can not wait to see what it will look like.
As well as paper mache they have enjoyed painting their own volcanoesĀ :volcano:Ā and drawing the biggest volcanoĀ :volcano:. Great job everyone.

In babiesĀ :baby:Ā they have enjoyed enjoyed going on a walk with the older children going to the shopsĀ :department_store:.
Then they enjoyed some splash time in the waterĀ :sweat_drops:.

The babiesĀ :baby:Ā have been experiencing a sensory tuff tray; feeling different textures, including flour, riceĀ :rice:Ā and iceĀ :ice_cube:Ā  The childrenĀ :baby:Ā used cups to fill and pour the flour or riceĀ :rice:Ā and watched it fall back into the tray. They were all fascinated that the iceĀ :ice_cube:Ā made the flour stick to it and that it was coldĀ Ā :cold_face:Ā on their handsĀ :raised_hands:! They spent a long time and high concentration on this activity.
They have been listeningĀ :ear:Ā and dancingĀ :man_dancing:Ā to musicĀ :notes:Ā and moving our bodies in different ways. Toddlers have been exploring printing using paints:art:. We used paint brushesĀ :lower_left_paintbrush:and looked at the strokesĀ :art:they made on the paper:page_with_curl:. We also used the paint brushes:lower_left_paintbrush:to paint our hands:pray:. The toddlers then pressed their hands against the paper and made pretty handprints.

The toddlers have also been building objects using the magneticĀ :magnet:Ā shape. We made a balĀ :soccer:ļøusing the magnetic shapes but we couldnā€™t kick it otherwise it would break! Toddlers have done some quiet and calm reading:books:. We looked at lots of different books:books:. Some had animals:lion_face:in and some had peopleĀ :person_with_blond_hair:in. They were very exciting!

Preschool have been exploring their creativityĀ :frame_with_picture:Ā today by using stamps to make pictures using paintĀ :art:. This engages them in conversationĀ :speech_balloon:Ā about the pictures they have chosen as well as counting how many times they stamp as they create a picture. The children have also been engaging in exploration of the ICTĀ :computer:Ā equipment such as phonesĀ :iphone:Ā and camerasĀ :camera:. We have been looking at the buttons to discuss how the items workĀ :gear:Ā in order to engage in imaginativeĀ :brain:play using the items.

The children have enjoyed exploring different sensory items today. In the messy tray we had baked beans, chick peas, rice pudding and sweet corn. šŸŒ½ The children had lots of fun guessing šŸ’­what the rice pudding was by smelling šŸ‘ƒ and saying ā€œit smells like milk.ā€ šŸ„›

They have also enjoyed water šŸ’¦ play by splashing in the water. They also had the coloured objects and was naming all the animals they could see and what different sounds they made.šŸ„šŸÆšŸ¦†

We also had a visit by a ā€œbig truckā€ that was collecting the skip. They watched by the fence as the truck moved up ā¬†ļø and down, ā¬‡ļø at the end it beep his horn and waved bye.šŸ‘‹šŸ»

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