Happy Friday


This week we have had a lot of excitement and explored varied activities, from learning about Star ways day to train day. no matter what it was we had a lot of fun and explored new topics along the way, the children had a lot of fun learning new things and giving themselves a challenge at there same time.

May the :four:th be with you! Happy :smiley: star :star:️ wars day!To celebrate :tada: this day, the babies :baby: have been painting :artist: stars :star:️ with paint brushes :lower_left_paintbrush: Emma spoke to them about the colours they were using; and praised their wonderful work! This helps develop their creative skills as well as fine motor skills and hand :raised_back_of_hand: eye :eye: coordination. We also listened to music :notes:  on the sono system so we could have a dance!Meanwhile, the toddlers have explored flour. We made different marks and shapes in it with our hands :raised_hands: and fingers helping our fine motor skills. We have also explored painting :artist:  using our hands :raised_hands:  and sponges :sponge: We got absolutely covered in flour and paint! Toddlers have focused on our fine motor skills using Lego and making spaceships out of it! We’ve had a very exciting day!While this was happening preschool were showing off their footwork leg :leg: and arm :muscle:skills with footballs :soccer:️. They were using feet or hands to throw or kick the balls into the goal :goal_net:. They worked as a team to get a goal or defend the goal and took turns to kick or throw the balls. To acknowledge Star Wars :milky_way:Day preschool have been using scissors :scissors: to cut out their own stars :star:️ and decorate them to make sparkle :sparkles: and shine. This has developed using tools safely on top of an awareness of people interests around the world :earth_americas:

The children have used truffles and dipped them into the paint :art: and stamped them onto paper to see what marks the truffles left.
They also enjoyed making chocolate :chocolate_bar: truffles out of play dough, they also used different numbers :1234: to see how many truffles they could make. But not forgetting making their very own truffles, they mixed :bowl_with_spoon:all the ingredients together and put them in the fridge to set.The children have also enjoyed being independent helpers by buttering their own toast and picking what toppings :honey_pot: they wanted. They also have been helping dish up their own food :stew: and washing up once they have finished.To top the day off, we had delicious truffles made by our wonderful catering company, HungryMoose!!

National Tain day 🚂and the children 👶 have been busy creating their own train 🚊🚂🚅 pictures, they were very clever in naming the shapes ⚫️🟥🔶 as they made their pictures.
They were so excited with their pictures, they worked together to make a great big train track 🛤.
We have all been exploring the different textures in our space tuff tray, the moon sand felt really funny running through our fingers.

In babies 👶 they have been exploring the coloured blocks 🟥🟧🔷🔲, they lined them up on the window sill and watched the sun reflect the colours into the room, they also built towers 🧱and then took turns in knocking them down, they also enjoyed playing bee boo through the larger blocks

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